Da Capo II Second Season
Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Da Capo II Second Season

  • DeathNoteUser07
    what a nice anime... it's story is excellent!! hope they will make da capo III ... hahaha.... it's so touchy... i felt like crying from episode 9 to 13.... but i still want amakase minatsu to return... it felt boring to watch when she left.
  • totoypana
    i like the opening song of Da Capo II ss
  • gizel
    .they didn't mention Nemu....wat wiLL happen to Oto-nee and Yume co'z they both love yushiyuki-kun? who will he choose?
  • jeralzon
    phew good thing i finished this anime before they took it out lol
  • kuba
    omg WTF is wrong with of these sex ads
  • jenchiuk
    i just didnt understand that part there should of been just an asakura family in da capo 2 based on da capo if but there are two families which really confused me hope someone can explain to me!!!
  • jenchiuk
    da capo if was good but it didnt actaully sumarrise everyting like how nemu dissapered or even asisia what happened to them and what the hell i didnt undertsand was that in da capo two there is a asakurara family and a shirkawas family
  • sipperz
    theres a OVA da capo if it says it happened a year ago he feels a lot happier did the sister die or something i forgot i watched this a while bak and forgot
  • alyssa_anime07
    show spoiler comment
  • fatcharley
    show spoiler comment
  • ranmachua
    Somebody made a wish on the never-withering sakura tree to remove all its videos on CR!!!!!!! And that wish came true!!! NO!!!!!!
  • Andices
    Darn! Removed by Cr =/
  • CodeLyokoFan936
    i wonder ...if yume and yoshiyuki get together hmmm...
  • blkangel07
    I watched this a while back, but who does sakurai end up with by the end of the anime. Since it could be a spoiler for a lot of people...a message would be fine. Thanks Ahead of time. I love Da Capo!!!
  • waby333
    i cried my ass off! xD from ep 9(or 10.. dont remember) to 13
  • crewel
    haha! so touchy!.. he has no reaction.. he just shocked! haha!. he already accept his fate! what a good anime!
  • crewel
    haha! great anime! hehe! i almost cry! haha!... anyways! will be there a next season? after this haha!.. at the final 3 episode! look how yushiyuki loose his existence! every hour his existence erased from his freinds mind! haha!..
  • xelaod
    aha hello ppeople yo this is the best anime ever aha add me im chill and fosho add me and get to know me
  • BlackWings89
    another one bites the dust huh.
  • derrickbeh
    hey guys, you can watch all the videos on watsite.com or veoh.com... the neding was really good... i cried ^.^