Dark Sector
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Dark Sector

Dark Sector is a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game currently under production by Digital Extremes.

Originally based on the Sector Engine at officially announced 2004, Dark Sector's current version uses the Evolution Engine, a proprietary next-gen technology developed by Digital Extremes[1]. An in-game cinematic has also been publicly released, giving viewers a brief look at potential storylines and environments, as well as the graphics of the game. Digital Extremes has specifically stated that the clips are not pre-rendered and are actual in-game footage. Dark Sector is slated to be released in early 2008. Set in the crumbling infrastructure of a fictional Soviet-bloc country in the near future, the game features both single and multi-player action, with players working their way through a world where biological weapons are a hellish nightmare, let loose on an unsuspecting populace.

Dark Sector was originally intended to take place in a science-fiction environment, notably in outer space, with players taking the role of a character that inhabits a sleek mechanical suit with incredible powers.
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