Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2011
Air Date: Apr 17, 2011 to Jul 3, 2011
Episodes: 12
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
By romi park
By Kana Hanazawa
Type: Series
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Deadman Wonderland Review

I give this anime a 4 out of 5 stars because it is the only anime that I can honestly say i loved. The animation is fluid and smooth (considering it being realeased last year it better be). The plot was so fantastic. My eyes were just glued to the TV. It was interesting and it made you think. Whould you do what Ganta did at DMWL??? Whould you try to escape this place??? However, there are some people who can handle this anime ,and some who can't. This anime has A LOT of gore and animated bloody scenes.
There was the a scene on the first episode when the classroom was massacred, Ganta passes out. When he wakes up, he sees his friend head (just here head). It is also for a mature audience only. So if you can't handle that type of stuff this is definitely not the anime for you. Aside from that, the plot has some twists but not too many to make it confusing. And there are always interesting ones at the end of the episode keeping making you think "What happens next". I love all the characters. You don't have that character that is annoying nor do you have the character that are irrelevant or don't need to be in the series.
This anime is really great. However, there were some flaws. For example, the overall length of the series. There are only 12 episodes. It is also not really "completed". In other words, there is more things they could've put in this anime. Like does Ganta fing out who is the red man.
It's Shiro by the way. I was thinking they were going to put that in the 2nd season. (but there isn't a season 2 unfortunetly:() So, you would have to finish the series through the manga. (Kind of like Bleach.) Also the ending song SHINY SHINY- NIRGILIS. The lyrics may have fit with the song but the music overall didn't. I had more of a happy and cheerful tune to the song when there is really nothing happy or cheerful about this series at all. I thought that the bleeping was annoying too. This anime doesn't have to many profanites ,but when it does they do bleep it out. I don't understand how you put all this gore and stuff in the series ,but when a character drops the F-bomb here and there, you bleep it out. Alot of people complain that the anime didn't have some scenes that were in the manga. I am just now reading the manga ,so i can't determine that myself.
This anime is soo amazing and you should consider watching it. I hope you enjoy it.