Death Note
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2002
Air Date: Oct 3, 2006 to Jun 26, 2007
Episodes: 37
Type: Series
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Death Note


Death Note... Nothing but great things.

Literally just finished this series about 10 minutes ago. And first reaction was "Why, why must this amazing story have to end? Cant it go on forever and ever?"

Death Note has quickly become one of my favorite all time anime without question. This anime is unbelievably interesting and will hook you like a wild salmon just after the first episode. I cant remember the last time I have had this much interest and fun with an anime. Its one of those ones that when you start watching it you want to call in for work the next day and finish it in one sitting.

The story (not going to spoil or say much about as you can read a summary on here or any other anime site) is simply put; perfection. It is extremely interesting and has no dull moments throughout the whole series. There wasn't a single part in this whole series where I felt bored or felt like not watching anymore. The pace of the story was something else i found very appealing. It was paced perfectly in my book. Flowed very smoothly and always had just enough new content to keep you hooked.

The characters were probably my favorite thing about the show. Every single one had such a well done personality and the development was just as top notch. I didn't find any character to be annoying or sloppy and L quickly became one of my favorite characters across all anime!

Music and animation were also superb to me and I wouldn't have changed anything about it at all

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music/Animation: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Final thoughts:

I highly recommend this series! I can easily call this one of my favorites! I cant think of any reason why you wouldn't watch this so if you haven't seen it you know what needs to be done!

Full of surprises right to the end 0.o

This anime will surprise you and confuse you at the same time. It is amazing and unpredictable, and even when you are set on knowing what will happen, you can't be sure because the opposite is likely to happen with all the twists in the story (does that make sense? im sorry, that doesn't make sense. i just finished the anime so im kinda out of my mind right now ehhhhh). To finish, like Misa once sang : God is watching you.

Amazing Anime that should have quit while it was ahead.

Don't get me wrong, I was absolutely engulfed by this story. Constantly leaving me guessing and craving more this anime was expertly executed. To be honest though, I felt like everything got a little bland after the death of "L." Earlier in the series, it felt as if two titans were battling it out and the fate of the city was at stake. After one fell it felt like the underdog came out of nowhere to defeat the villain. All in all though, this master of a anime is truly worth a watch.

Best anime to ever exist !!

Death Note is one of my favorite animes to ever exist ! , There were many things that made this series good some of them include: The characters , Soundtracks, Art, and the Story.You can't call yourself a anime guru without watching this series I definitely recommend watching this if you hadn't yet. !


Well first of all I want to say that I hate Light Yagami. Reasons; 1. He killed L (my favorite character) 2. He treated Misa horribly all she wanted was him to love her.
But in the end it was a great anime, it had a great story line, great choice of characters, and the perfect twists and turns. But also i do wish that there was a little more story to mello and near, and I WISH L AND LIGHT WERE TOGETHER!!

Death Note is simply the Best

Death Note is one of the best well rounded shows i believed i have watched. It isn't my favorite show ( Im a comedy and action mad myself) but this is definitely hands down an anime i would recommend to any otaku if they haven't already watched it! The intense atmosphere down to the gripping story i can't say much more than it is a MUST WATCH for any person remotely interested in anime. Although i saw a few flaws such as the other half of the series (you'll understand when you watch it) and the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist which i think was a little more one sided but would have preferred an equal balance. but even with these minor details i saw complete seclusion into this world and was taken aback. Nonetheless you should put high expectations for Death Note cuz it'll blow them out of the water! I even watched it more than once and i still go back to re-watch it. Bottom line is that Death Note is definitely worth your time and definitely worth the while

Death Note Review (by Kazuma_)

This anime is intelligent, supernatural, thrilling, humorous, and contains qualities of a great anime. This anime shows one of the greatest intellectual battles in anime history. It's an idle mind vs a mind of justice. Both of these forces are the few geniuses in their age, and lead to a battle that would forever change history.

Please watch this anime and enjoy!
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Calling This A Masterpiece Would Be Underselling Death Note.

This anime has the greatest writing I have ever seen. Both the anime and the manga deliver an insane, psychological, experience. I won't give too much away but the story revolves around the character Light, who comes into possession of a book called Death Note that let's him kill anyone he knows the name and face of. What makes this anime so great is Light is both a hero and a villain, so as you watch it you question yourself and think "If I was in Light's position, would I really do any different?" This anime has gone down as one of the greatest anime, it's in most top 10 list and the writing alone makes Death Note deserve it. If you want to experience a crazy but intelligent story of mystery and murder, watch Death Note.
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Death Note is my Favorite Anime

The anime is a fantastic work of pure genius. The characters are so well developed, and you can see light's trip into insanity slowly unravel, which makes the show that much more interesting. It really provides a great insight on human nature. Ryuk provides the comic relief at the perfect moments, and L is just perfect. I would recommend this anime to anyone 12 and above. It contains no nudity, and I'm fairly sure the worst language used is 'damn.' There are some subjects that are hard to understand for younger audiences, and it should be watched when you can fully understand it's magnificence. All in all, this is by far my favorite anime and yes you should watch it.

Its One of my Favorites

A suspenseful anime, but it was too short for my liking! I enjoyed the ending even though I thought it will end way different. It was much better than my original thought. I enjoyed the psychological elements that played in the anime. It kind of make you think, Light that hate all things evil and wanting to destroy it but was basically at a borderline of becoming what he hated. I suppose that depends on your definition of evil and good. It actually came to a point when he had to use a person for his own gain.
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