Devil Beside You
Alternative Names:

Devils Do Exist

Country of Origin: Taiwan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Jun 25, 2005 to Sep 18, 2005
Episodes: 20
Type: Series
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Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You (traditional Chinese: 惡魔在身邊; pinyin: Èmó zài shēnbiān) is a Taiwanese drama starring Mike He and Rainie Yang. This series is adapted from the Japanese manga Akuma de Sourou, which was written by Mitsuba Takanashi. The series was broadcast on China Television (CTV, traditional Chinese: 中國電視公司) from 26 June to 18 September 2005 and Eastern Television (ETTV, traditional Chinese: 東森電視) for 20 episodes. It was one of the most watched and highest-rated Taiwanese drama of 2005.[citation needed]

Devil beside you was based on a manga by Mitsuba Takanashi "Akuma de Sourou" aka "The Devil Does Exist".

The story begins with Qi Yue planning to confess her liking to the basketball team captain, Yuan Yi. She wrote a love letter and plans to pass it to him. Being as careless as only she can be, she has made her confession to the wrong person, who happened to be the school's devil, Ah Meng (her junior, a first year student in school). She is so shocked and embarrassed to see Ah Meng's face that she drops her love letter in front of Ah Meng and runs away. Ah Meng picks up the letter.

Ah Meng is amused by the whole thing and decides to have some fun with Qi Yue. He threatens Qi Yue to print a thousand copies of her love letter and let the whole school know of her liking for Yuan Yi. In order to stop Ah Meng, Qi Yue agrees to be his 'runner'.

With Ah Meng's continuous bullying of Qi Yue, she is driven to stop all the nonsense by confessing her liking to Yuan Yi again. In this way, she will not be afraid of Ah Meng's disclosing the love letter anymore. To Qi Yue's surprise, Yuan Yi has a similar liking for her.

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Jiang Meng (lead)Mike He
Qi Yue (lead)Rainie Yang