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Dir en grey

Album Discussion
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23 / M / OuO
Posted 9/26/08  Reply  Quote
Well, not much going on in the forums are there? Well, lets start a subject on the albums. :D

Whats your favorite album and why?

Mine is Vulgar because it has alot of my favorite songs on there. Especially because of Obscure, which is one of my favorite Dir en Grey songs.
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27 / M / somewhere in your...
Posted 9/28/08  Reply  Quote
WTD it has the right mix of soft and hard songs
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32 / F / Germany
Posted 10/31/08, Edited 10/31/08  Reply  Quote
Withering to death because there are my favourite songs:
Kodou, THE FINAL, Machiavellism, Jesus Christ R'n R and Merciless Cult
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24 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 11/12/08  Reply  Quote
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23 / M / gutter
Posted 11/18/08  Reply  Quote
Missa(if that counts) my fav song is there - GARDEN
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25 / M
Posted 11/24/08  Reply  Quote
Uroboros for me.
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31 / F
Posted 12/1/08, Edited 12/18/08  Reply  Quote
My fave albums and songs of Dir en grey:

GAUZE ~ Yokan, Cage, Akuro no Oka, Raison Detre, Yurameki, Mazohyst of Decadence, 304 Goushitsu, Hakushi no Sakura

Six Ugly ~ Umbrella, Mr. Newsman

VULGAR ~ DRAIN AWAY, Child Prey, The IIID Empire, Obscure, Red...[em], Amber, Sajou no Uta, Marmalade Chainsaw, Kasumi, Audience Killer Loop

Withering to Death ~ all the songs in there...........^o^

THE MARROW OF A BONE ~ Ryoujoku no Ame, The Pledge, Conceived Sorrow, Namamekashiki Ansoku Tamerai ni Hohoemi, Clever Sleazoid, The Fatal Believer, Repetition of Hatred

DOZING GREEN ~ Dozing Green, Hydra -666-, Agitated Screams of Maggots

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28 / M / UK
Posted 12/5/08  Reply  Quote
Uroboros wasn't as good as I expected but there a more songs I like than dislike (not hate but I use that in preference over another song)
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Posted 12/27/08  Reply  Quote
It's a tie between Vulgar, Withering to Death, and Uroboros.
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28 / F / Syracuse, NY, USA
Posted 1/14/09  Reply  Quote
I like withering to Death the best, but Vulgar is up there. I'm getting more and more used to their new songs on Uroboros, but I just can't get over the fact that all the songs sorta sound the same.
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27 / F / Canada
Posted 2/19/09  Reply  Quote
It's hard to choose, all my songs are all on different albums. And I find that the music is fitting for the era that they were in for each album.

For Gauze my favorites are : Cage, Yokan
Macabre: audrey, KR Cube, berry
kisou: 24ko cylinder, bottom of death valley, -mushi- , filth, embryo, undecided
vulgar: audience killer loop, red...em, kasumi, obscure, child prey, amber
withering to death: dead tree, the finale, saku
marrow of a bone: conceived sorrow, grief, ryoujoku no ame, rotting root, disable complexes, the pledge, repition of hatred, the fatal beliver
uroboros: vinushka, dozing green (jap. vers.), toguro, red soil, ware, yami tote...

mini albums-
six ugly: ugly,
missa: garden

as for lives,
I love 'Dead Tree' in the Wacken open Air 2007 in Germany
and Conceived Sorrow for when I went to see them live.
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28 / M / Lelouch's Britannia
Posted 5/11/09  Reply  Quote
each of their albums are different, so i'll pos my favorite song from each album and mini albums.

gauze- akuro no oka
macabre- macabre
kisou- filth
vulgar- obscure
wtd- the final
moab- the pledge
uroboros- red soil

missa- kiri to mayu
six ugly- ugly

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