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Posted 4/12/09  Reply  Quote
04.05.2009 Kyoto – KBS Hall
According to the fans that went to the Kyoto, KBS Hall show, Kyo's voice was extremely strained. He was not even able to sing mid-range parts. And during Agitated Screams of Maggots, he cut his mouth (on purpose). It is assumed he was frustrated with his voice because during his solo, it is reported, that he said, "Will you all love me even with this voice? Please love me even with this voice." He also thanked the audience at the end of the show.

Today, Dir en grey vocalist Kyo has received the results of his throat condition. He was diagnosed with Chorditis [The inflammation of the vocal chords.] and Edema of the larynx. [Abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin/ or cells of tissue]. Because of this, and with deep regret, a small part of Dir en grey's "Tour 09 Feast of V Senses" (04.07 Zepp Sendai, 04.08 Zepp Sendai, and 04.10 Zepp Sapporo) will be delayed (but not canceled!).

* (delayed) 04.07.2009/Tuesday - Zepp Sendai - Sendai, Japan.
* (delayed) 04.08.2009/Wednesday - Zepp Sendai - Sendai, Japan
* (delayed) 04.10.2009/Friday - Zepp Sapporo - Sapporo, Japan.
04.13.2009/Monday - Namba Hatch - Osaka, Japan
04.14.2009/Tuesday - Namba Hatch - Osaka, Japan.
04.15.2009/Wednesday - Namba Hatch - Osaka, Japan.
04.17.2009/Friday - Zepp Fukoka - Osaka, Japan.
04.21.2009/Tuesday - Zepp Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan
04.22.2009/Wednesday - Zepp Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan.
04.23.2009/Thursday - Zepp Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan.

05.02.2009/Saturday - Studio Coast - Tokyo, Japan.
05.03.2009/Sunday - Studio Coast - Tokyo, Japan.
05.04.2009/Monday - Studio Coast - Tokyo, Japan.
*05.08.2009/Tuesday - Zepp Sendai - Sendai, Japan.
*05.10.2009/Wednesday - Zepp Sendai - Sendai, Japan
*05.11.2009/Friday - Zepp Sapporo - Sapporo, Japan.

Both the Dir en grey band members, and staff deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for for those that were planning to attend these shows. And hope that you will all understand this situation

Official Website: http://www.direngrey.co.jp/home.html


June Dates!
06.05.2009/Friday - Rock-im-Park/Zeppelinfeld - Nurnbery, Germany.
06.07.2009/Sunday - Rock am Ring/Club Stage/Nurburgring - Nurnberg, Germany.
06.10.2009/Wednesday - Helling 7 - Urtrecht, Netherlands
06.11.2009/Thursday - Bataclan - Paris, France - Nova Rock Festival/Pannonia Fields II - Nickelsdorf, Austria.
06.24.2009/Wednesday - The Progresja - Warsaw, Poland.
06.27.2009/Sautrday - Metaltown/Frihamnen - Goteborg, Sweden

Thanks to A Knot Amry on Myspace for this information!

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Posted 4/20/09  Reply  Quote
Yeash, I figured something like this would happen at one point. I've been hearing that he's been having problems from the fans. It's hard with the kind of vocals that he is famous for, I don't blame him. I hope he takes it easy and gets better.
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Posted 7/26/09  Reply  Quote
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