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Dir en grey
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Dir en grey


The best band of metal, rock, and emotions.

Dir En Grey is a JROCK band that truly does have a stretch of various types of music. It's as if they are their own genre of music. Kyo's voice along with the compliments from the sounds from the band is just amazing. You are feeling tears with soft voices and all of the sudden Kyo is screaming like a monster to unleash all emotions that are bottled up from a song. It's quite amazing. The first song I ever heard by Dir En Grey was The Final: a song from 2005 (or 2006) that is very intense, and epic. This band overall is amazing, definitely recommended for all metal, rock, and jrock loves. Dir En Grey for life, even long after the amber dream ends.

2nd favorite j-rock band!!!

AAAHHHH!!!! dir en grey is a great band (but i'm a bigger fan of gazettE)
kyo, the vocalist, is super short, and his vocals are amazing.
but if you translate their lyrics, you'll notice most of their songs are about rape/sex


Dir en grey is one of the bestest bands i've ever heard. They are a truly unique band. Their songs are never repetitive in any sense and they are a veryyyy versatile group of musicians, Kyo(their lead singer) has a wide vocal range, he can do anything from death growls to highly sung vocals. At first i wasn't very open to J-rock but then i listened to these guys and i was instantly hooked and now, im a BIG fan of em. The thing that i like the most about Dir en Grey is that they can do a vast variety of genres ranging from punk rock(listen to their song jessica) to thrash metal(agitated screams of maggots) even pop-rock(Akuro No Oka) death metal(obscure,hydra 666) nu-metal(kodou) and what not!! i guarantee if you listen to this guys you'll be instantly hooked and after that there would be no looking back :D. So i highly recommend this band to you guys.LISTEN TO THEM!!!!

Dir en grey -- Without Contest

Dir en grey is a band that cannot be compared to any other. From 1997 to the present, their music has continued to evolve, and undoubtedly is amazing. With Kyo on Vocals, Die and Kaoru on Guitair, Toshiya on bass, and Shinya on drums, this group is a force to be reckoned with. Their live performances are also on a completely different level, always giving 110%, if you didn't love this band before, you sure will once they take the stage! Their energy, and just complete "dominance" over the crowd will blow you away, keep you captivated.

Before you ever decide to NOT listen, take a moment and listen. From Gauze, Missa, Kisou, Vulgar, Withering to Death, Marrow of a Bone, Uroboros, and their latest single, 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de Karamitsuita shikunetsu no yami, "Violence together with the scorching darkness entwined in my heart"), there is no album or song that can be said "Sounds like something else"!!