Dir en grey
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Dir en grey


The best band of metal, rock, and emotions.

Dir En Grey is a JROCK band that truly does have a stretch of various types of music. It's as if they are their own genre of music. Kyo's voice along with the compliments from the sounds from the band is just amazing. You are feeling tears with soft voices and all of the sudden Kyo is screaming like a monster to unleash all emotions that are bottled up from a song. It's quite amazing. The first song I ever heard by Dir En Grey was The Final: a song from 2005 (or 2006) that is very intense, and epic. This band overall is amazing, definitely recommended for all metal, rock, and jrock loves. Dir En Grey for life, even long after the amber dream ends.

2nd favorite j-rock band!!!

AAAHHHH!!!! dir en grey is a great band (but i'm a bigger fan of gazettE)
kyo, the vocalist, is super short, and his vocals are amazing.
but if you translate their lyrics, you'll notice most of their songs are about rape/sex