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Domon Kasshu

Master Asia (マスターアジアー, Masutaa Ajiaa?) is a fictional character in the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam He is Domon Kasshu's teacher, the former King of Hearts of the Shuffle Alliance, and known as the Undefeated of the East (東方不敗, Tohofuhai?). He is also the Gundam Fighter of Neo-Hong Kong and a winner of the previous Gundam Fight who defeated the likes of Gentle Chapman and Ulube Ishikawa during the 12th tournament. However, in the aftermath, Master Asia realized the horror of the desolation on the planet he helped cause in the Gundam Fight. In a fit of madness, he decided humanity was destroying the planet, and when the Devil Gundam arrived, he saw its actions as necessary to save the Earth. Though he supported the Devil Gundam, Master Asia was never infected with the DG Cells and was its only willing follower. Master Asia's seiyuu is Yōsuke Akimoto and his English voice actor is Dave Pettitt. His title is homeage to Dongfang Bubai, the transsexual leader of the Sun-Moon Sect in Jinyong's wuxia fiction, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

Master Asia initially appears to saves Domon and Rain from the Death Army drones when they arrived in the ruins of Shinjuku, helping Domon in Kowloon Gundam during they fight against them. However, uncovers Master Asia's secret agenda, when she saves the crews of Chibodee, George, Sai Saici, and Argo from being infected by the Devil Gundam. Once revealed to be the mastermind behind the aforementioned fighters being infected with DG cells and the pilot of the mysterious Gundam that attacked Domon (Master Gundam). The betrayal of Master Asia was a heavy blow to Domon; whom was among the few people left that he truly loved. He tried to stop Master Asia without hurting him, convinced the Devil Gundam was controlling him, but ultimately, he realized the truth and denounced Master Asia during their battle in the Guyana Highlands that he is no longer his master. Despite his evil deeds, Master Asia is still an honorable man and does not use dirty tactics to win a fight. This would put him at constant odds with his future "partner", Wong Yunfat, who would stop at nothing to make sure things went in his favor. Indeed, the only reason he did not stop Wong's cheating was to see how Domon would respond, and because by that time, a terminal illness was limiting his health.

During the Final Rounds of the Gundam Fight, Master Asia was only to be placed in the final rounds. This was to motivate Domon to win, and he vowed he would win all his matches so he would defeat his former Master, unaware that Master Asia's goal was to have Domon become the new life core unit for the Devil Gundam since Kyoji was weak from the battle in the Guyana Highlands and Master Asia's failing health had made him unsuitable to be able to replace him. However before Domon's battle against Schwarz Bruder, Master Asia fears that Domon may not be ready to fight Schwarz. He calls Domon to a rundown section of Neo-Hong Kong in order to train him further, though Wong found about the meeting and sent the Gundam Heads to deal with them. During their intital escape, Master Asia is able to save Domon from falling when he was knocked into the air but when they fall into an underground cavern Master Asia had injured his leg. During their escape, Master Asia explained that the reason for the rundown city is that many places around the world were falling into ruin just like it, but the people who are too absorbed in the Gundam Fight aren't showing any concern to care about the Earth's condition. Master Asia is able to teach Domon his most powerful technique the Sekiha Tenkyoken which Domon uses on the Gundam Heads after their escape.

But when Master Asia's plan to use Domon as the Devil Gundam's life core unit ruined when Domon reluctantly killed his brother, seemingly destroying the Devil Gundam, Master Asia reveals his reasons for siding with the Devil Gundam as he goes in all out to fight Domon and the two settle it by using using their Sekiha Tenkyoken attacks against each other. The battle ends with a Domon using a combination of his God Finger attack with the Sekiha Tenkyoken to devastate the Master Gundam and fatal injuried Master Asia. On the verge of death, the fight opens Master Asia's eyes, and he acknowledges his foolishness; humanity is a product of the Earth, and to destroy it would be just as harmful as harming the Earth itself. In his final moments, he and Domon recite the motto of the School of the Undefeated of the East one last time, before Master Asia perishes.

Master makes one final appearance in the battle against Grand Master Gundam along with Kyoji, Schwarz, and Domon's mother, in a vision, where they urge Domon not to give up.

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