Dragon Age Origins
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Dragon Age Origins

You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of a legendary order of guardians. With the return of an ancient foe and the kingdom engulfed in civil war, you have been chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands and slay the Archdemon once and for all.

Extended Information

The player will begin his/her journey with one of the six origin stories. The origin chosen determines who the Warden is prior to the main events of the game's story. By the same measure, they also change how NPCs (party and non-party) will react to the Warden. Elves for example are often viewed as second class citizens.

The Six Origins:
-Dwarf Noble
-Dwarf Commoner
-City Elf
-Dalish Elf
-Human Noble

Classes & Specializations
Warrior - Berserker, Champion, Reaver, and Templar
Mage - Arcane Warrior, Blood Mage, Shapeshifter, and Spirit Healer
Rogue - Assassin, Bard, Duelist, and Ranger


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: Grey Warden

Alistair is a playful and compassionate Grey Warden, who can be a companion to The Warden in Dragon Age: Origins. He is a romance option for the female Warden.
Background: “And now we have a dog. And Alistair is still the stupidest member of the party.” — Morrigan
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins.

Alistair believes his mother to be a serving maid who died whilst giving birth to him. He was raised by Arl Eamon Guerrein, Arl of Redcliffe. The arl's wife, Arlessa Isolde suspected the reason her husband took an interest in the welfare of a servant's child was that Alistair was Eamon's son. She insisted the boy be sent away to the Chantry.

Alistair was trained to become a templar for many years by the Chantry, this being how he learned most of his skills. He was found to be ill-suited to a life of religious devotion, however. When Duncan, a friend to his father, found him Alistair had not yet taken his vows and was desperately unhappy. During a tourney held to honor the Grey Wardens Duncan decided to recruit him. Alistair was not the most skilled fighter, bested by acclaimed templars such as Ser Eryhn, a woman who wielded a sword and shield with unequalled grace, Ser Talrew leader of many victories against the Chasind, and Ser Kalvin one of the finest blades in Ferelden. Despite this, Duncan admired Alistair's character above the other templars present. Sensing that he had a good and loyal heart, Duncan used the Right of Conscription to force the Chantry to hand Alistair over to the Grey Wardens before he took the sacramental vows. The Grand Cleric did not wish to let him go, but could not supersede the Right of Conscription.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Title: The Witch of the Wilds

Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds, a clan of sorceresses who, at one time, terrorized the Korcari Wilds. She is willing to leave her home to become a companion to the Warden. Morrigan is also a romance option for male Wardens and when her approval is low, she can also teach the shapeshifter specialization.
Background: Morrigan is supposedly the daughter of Flemeth -- a legendary and fearsome personage who has walked the Korcari Wilds for centuries. However, Morrigan consistently dismisses these tales and is reluctant (or unable) to confirm Flemeth's actual background. Whatever Flemeth's history, Morrigan was raised by her. She kept Morrigan separate from the nearby villagers and because of this, Morrigan has had limited interaction with other humans, though her ability to shapeshift meant that she has often found solace in the company of animals. Morrigan generally dislikes the race of man, yet finds herself strangely intrigued by them.

Race: Mabari
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: Mabari War Dog

Dogs are an essential part of Ferelden culture, and no dog is more prized than the Mabari. The breed is as old as myth, said to have been bred from the wolves who served the legendary hero Dane.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Title: Chantry Lay Sister

Although Leliana's mother was from Ferelden, she was raised after her mother's death by an Orlesian noble, Lady Cecile, whom her mother served during the Orlesian occupation and returned to Orlais with after Ferelden's liberation. Living in Orlais, Leliana learned a great deal about the royal court and Orlesian culture. At some time she began to work for Marjolaine as a bard. She came to be infatuated with Marjolaine, however this did not stop Marjolaine from framing her for selling government secrets to other countries. Leliana was caught and punished as a traitor to her country. She eventually managed to escape to the village of Lothering and joined the local Chantry. Years later, Leliana received a "message from the Maker" which ultimately compels her to assist the Wardens in thwarting the impending Blight.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Title: Enchanter

Wynne has served the Circle of Magi for most of her life, and is well respected for her strong sense of duty and morals. She believes wholeheartedly in what the Circle stands for, and has been a vocal advocate in the College of Enchanters, that through discipline, and education, mages can learn to control their gifts and use them to serve mankind. The fear of magic is born of misunderstanding, but Wynne cautions mages never to forget that the fear is also a real one. For all the good that a mage's gifts can bring, it will also always attract demons and bring the risk of possession. Too many times in history have possessed abominations wreaked destruction on the lands, and thus every mage has a debt to repay. "Earn your place," she has said, "and you shall not be reviled."Her peers thought so highly of her that she was asked to become the new First Enchanter of Ferelden's Tower. She refused, saying that she had no desire to work in the upper ranks of the Circle. When word recently reached the Tower of King Cailan's call to arms against The Blight, Wynne readily volunteered to go to Ostagar. Wynne seems to have been born into the Spirit Healer role as a natural. In her childhood, she can recall entering the Fade in her dreams and feeling a particular spirit watching over her.