Dragon Ball Z
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1989
Air Date: Apr 28, 1989 to Jan 31, 1996
Episodes: 291
Type: Series
Page Views: 194452
Fans: 673
Forum Posts: 111
Wall Posts: 531
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Dragon Ball Z

  • jcmalice
    dose anybody know of any website where I can see dragon ball Z video? some old web site I us to go to are no longer available. I miss my show you tub takes them down very quickly
  • eternaldad
    Sadly the intricacies of licensing certain series is tricky but it's something they're always trying. I think that this can be found elsewhere online though as it's amazingly popular.
  • cozboy
    why is there no dragon ball in this website?
  • drahg
    C,mon give us Dragon Ball,we all want it and I payed money for this!
  • fuzzynipplez
    157,000 page views, and we can't get them to upload the series?
  • fuzzynipplez
    How cheap does this website get, why can't you have DBZ uploaded, why are you cheating fans that pay for an anime website, out of watching it?
  • theviking045
    If you want to watch dragon ball z, you can try dbz. tv. Additionally, there are other links at the top of the website to other streaming sites. They have both subbed and dubbed versions I think.
  • Terminat0rKid
    Watch Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F full movie at www. dragonballzstreaming. com Remove the spaces
  • SweetJustice
    The father of the modern anime
  • gurpartap
    best show ever
  • renzo506
    They don't have theee Dragon ball z? This and Yu gi oh is what got me into anime thus crunchyroll in the first place. Disappointed
  • relashi
    need to watch the new movie and can't wait for the new series
  • Bronf
    i'm glad they stopped doing this awesome as anime other wise they would just ruin it even more just like with GT aghhh disliked that a lot >(
  • Sideshowj
    Any chance this will be available on crunchyroll anytime soon?
  • Brogurek
    Just starting to buy all the dragon boxes. The orange boxes at walmart and places are craaaaap.
  • joy1997ify
    Akz0 watchdragonball .com but I wanna watch it on my iPod without down loading it
  • joy1997ify
    They should really upload all the episodes up on the iPod touch app
  • Organization13fan
    This anime rocks!
  • hiraga-_saito
    i really love this anime and i hope that they would release another season or even make the anime without an end >< cuz i hate to see it ends