Dragon Ball Z
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1989
Air Date: Apr 28, 1989 to Jan 31, 1996
Episodes: 291
Type: Series
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Dragon Ball Z

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Love this series!!!!

The works of Dragonball Z is very popular and has lots of meomories to remember!!
I grew up with DBZ, i use to watch this since I was young!! No matter how old this anime is, this never will always be remembered!!
Goku is back with his love ones and some new enemies to come for the series!! We continue where we left off from Dragonball!
As the series go, you get to see Goku grown up with children loving and pure as ever to grew up and plus the legends of the saiyans to learn from!! DBZ is very epic with action and some laughs!! I Loved each moment of it!
But don't think that the story of Goku and his friends is over yet! The story continues from Dragonball GT!!

(Im only doing this because im really bored at home and plus i wanted to do somthing on crunchyroll to kill time)
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I came for the anime but I stayed for the HAIR

DBZ is an action packed fighting adventure anime witch will keep you glued to your seat through the fillers and all because it is just that good. This is probably the only anime that i can say has a better dub version then the original. The soundtracks great the animation is awesome and the storyline is great especially if your into fighting animes . All in all this anime is a master piece .
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Dragon Ball Z is worth watching for first time viewers.

I remember when I first watched Dragon Ball Z. I was wondering who the characters were and I realized they had fantastic action moves. Dragon Ball Z took the previous Dragon Ball to another level. For example, Goku excelled in becoming a Super Sayian and above. The rest of the characters excelled too. You begin to wonder if they have their limits?!
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Dragonball z One Word Awesome

This Is The Most Awesome Anime Ever I Hate Anyone Who Thinks That It Wasn't good or wasn't good in engilsh because in engilsh the voices sound better to me because when you hear the jappense voice of goku it's too high pitched and hardly understandable for a anime i give it a 10 out of 10 but don't think i'm crazy or loope because i'm a fan but either way it's a great anime to watch for the first time actually this was my first anime i watched

30 Minutes I'll never Have Back

I never really understood the following to any of the Dragon Ball series, but I figured that since it has a good enough following that it must be good. So I decided to look at it and was disappointed in the fact that I allowed myself to watch this. That being said there are plenty of people who like it, so maybe you will too.

The anime of my childhood

Dragon Ball Z will be forever my favorite anime!.I don't know if it's just nostalgia but even now in this age i keep re-watching it! I love the fights and the characters powers.Favorite character VEGETA.For those of you who haven't watched it go and watch it :)!

DragonBallZ, more then just an anime.

When i was growing up, this meant the world to me. I was very short and overweight in elementary school. I wasn't very popular at school and got quite bullied alot. But when i got home from school, dragonball z would be there waiting for me to make me feel better. It taught me life lessons like to never be afraid and to never back down. Yeah, i know that alot of the fight scenes where completely dragged on with all the power ups and stuff. But this anime right here will forever hold a special place in my heart.


I have never actually WATCHED any DBZ, until the end of 2013, I mean I've seen it when i was still in primary, but i never showed interest in it until, i just wanted to start watching it nearing the end of last year, and i have to say THE BEST action packed, heart pounding and thrilling anime ever! I enjoyed it so much that i finished watching the the entire series in just a couple of days.

If your like me and haven't watched it, WATCH IT NOW!!!

Dragonball Z: A Timeless Classic

Dragonball Z! I would'nt be able to throw a brick and not hit someone who didn't know what DBZ is. This is the show that introduced me to anime and will always have a special place on my shelf. Growing up and following the adventures of Goku and friends was amazing and seeing all of the fights were an epic rush! The only downside for some people is this show has a lot of filler, talking, and screaming that goes one (but after seeing the show as much as I have you sort of get used to it but I guess they have Dragonball Kai for that now).
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A bellweather anime series

* The series is a good choice for action fans
* Definitely an "essential" series; important to understanding the history of anime
* There are 291 episodes, 13 movies, 2 OVAs, a prequel series, and a sequel series, so fans of shows like Bleach and Naruto will probably enjoy the episodic action
* This show and Sailor Moon set off the US anime explosion, so the show is one of the few anime series' that the average person will recognize
* Akira Toriyama always found a way to make the Vegeta-Goku fights epic

* Dragon Ball Z is light on plot; mostly provides an excuse for high octane action
* The Funimation dub was horrible; watch the subs
* The dub music was gross too
* I get annoyed whenever Goten and Trunks are together. That might just be me, though
* There's a new series, Dragon Ball Kai, that cleaned up Dragon Ball Z and shortened the show. Newer viewers may prefer Kai, since it's half as long and cleaner looking.

Rather than review Dragon Ball Z properly, I'm going to list some thoughts I've had about the show:
1) I always hated the Freeza saga, but now I realize it's the best arc
2) That "Gohan goes beyond Super Saiyan" scene at the end of the Cell Games? It was better when Goku did it with Freeza.
3) Vegeta is a lovable jerk.
4) Dragon Ball Z movie 8 is probably the single best DBZ contribution, followed closely by the Bardock special and the Majin Vegeta-Goku fight.
5) The dub was absolutely atrocious and the dub music sounded like a five year old found out how to use a Casio keyboard
6) Buu Saga: Too long
7) Android Arc: Too short
8) I always hated how characters like Krillin, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan never got any attention after the Android Arc
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