Elfen Lied
Alternative Names:


Erufen Rīto

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2004
Air Date: Jul 25, 2004 to Oct 17, 2004
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Fans: 1549
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Elfen Lied

  • JiaoJiaoBooBoo
    I love this. I just remembered that I have my own pair of diclonius horns. WHY CAN'T I FUCKING WATCH IT HERE THOUGH??
  • ammekilde
    Just finished watching it. WOW!!
  • Cody_The_Wiser
    Da fuck? Why does Crunchyroll have a page for Elfen Lied but none of the episodes? I don't want to have a conversation here! I wanna watch the anime in something better than 380p! I especially don't wanna have a conversation with such a low
  • bellaardila
    It is an awesome show.Please make another forum of this anime.
  • FrancoTB
    So what I am getting is that crunchy roll just refuses to host anime with any sort of nudity. People actually pay to use this site?
  • shadow_rider456
    You're right Buzton, I agree 100%. I had to watch it in 360p on some lame website. But it was still awesome
  • buzton
    Crunchyroll should be ashamed that they don't have it. Its such a lovely, brutal, sad, and memorable experience.
  • marcotje09
    Why the hell isn't this on crunchyroll yet?
  • aguiarxpride
    ughhhhhh loved it.
  • erajia
    Crunchy roll needs this D:
  • kaptainkooleio
    Manga and Anime are TOTALLY different. The ending in he anime is non existent from the original manga
  • Cgrunt
    you can see this anime on netflix if you got it its prtty good if your able to get pass the 1st episode
  • connie94
    never seen it before where can i watch it
  • Unknownguy1
    Awesome show
  • Goldspinner1992
    I have'nt seen it yet but it deffinitely seems it should belong on Crounchyroll, a little like a tenchi muyo setting from what i've read, and if some of the other anime i've seen can make it on here, this show deserves a shot.
  • ATFrez
    This anime needs to be brought to Crunchyroll!
  • animevampire298
    just a beillent anime sad action and even romance near the end of it one u watch this anime a couple times u get to see how deep it gets
  • Evoke186
    this is definitively one of the best anime ever made. it can be very sad but also very fun and stuff. its not all about nudity and gore like some people think. i HIGHLY reccomend this anime. it is my favorite anime, and ive seen a lot.