Emperor Han Wu
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Emperor Han Wu

Han Wu Da Di (Great Emperor Wu of Han; Traditional Chinese: 漢武大帝; Simplified Chinese: 汉武大帝; Hanyu Pinyin: Hàn Wǔ Dà Dì) is a TV series from mainland China about Han Wu Di (born Liu Che), the sixth and most famous emperor of the Han dynasty (206 BC – AD 220). The series covers his life, with four actors playing his character from his boyhood to his old age. Of these, Chen Bao Guo gets the most screen time, playing the young emperor, and donning a moustache to play the middle aged emperor. It also follows the conflicts that defined the pivotal war between the Han and the Xiongnu, part of a long-standing enemity between the two, in which Han victories under Wu Di's rule marked the emperor's reign. Numerous historically significant figures from the period make their appearances in this historical drama, including:

Han Jing Di (father)
Empress Wang Zhi (mother)
Grand Empress Dowager Dou (paternal grandmother)
Princess Pingyang (sister)
Empress Chen Jiao (cousin, spouse)
Princess Piao (aunt and mother-in-law, mother of Princess Chen)
Empress Wei Zifu (spouse)
Consort Zhao (spouse)
Wei Qing (brother-in-law by Wei Zifu, 2nd husband of Princess Pingyang, and chief
commander of the Han army)
Huo Qubing (nephew to Wei Qing, and general in the Han army)
Li Guang (general in the Han army)
Zhang Qian (explorer-diplomat)
Tian Fen (maternal uncle, Han court minister)
Sima Qian (Han court minister and historian)
Liu Ju (son)
Liu Fuling (son)
Su Wu (loyal Han emissary)

Created by: Hu Mei

Chen Bao Guo
Gui Ya Lei
Lin Jing
Jiao Huang
Yang Tong Shu
Tao Hong
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