Enrico Maxwell
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Enrico Maxwell

Enrico Maxwell (エンリコ・マクスウェル) is a character from the manga and anime series Hellsing. In the TV series, he's voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka. In the OVA series, he's voiced by Show Hayami, and in both TV and OVA versions, his English voice is JB Blanc.

Maxwell is the fanatical leader of the Vatican's Special Section XIII, the Iscariot Organization. Enrico controls his organization with an iron fist. However, his seemingly blind devotion to his mission often makes his underling Alexander Anderson question his motivations, and creates a certain amount of conflict from within the ranks, especially when he orders a group of Communist terrorists affiliated with Millennium to be brutally executed by his elite assassins Heinkel Wolfe and Yumie Takagi. During the standoff between Alucard and the Millennium led police force in Rio de Janero, Anderson watches the scene unfold on the news with a sense of indignation and fury, while Enrico seems to revel in the ensuing violence. Enrico also has a bitter rivalry with Integra Hellsing, Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization, due to their similar occupations and differing ideologies.

Enrico seems to suffer from a facial tic characterized by repeated wincing of his left eye, much to the amusement of fans. He also appears to drool whilst he sleeps.

In the manga, Enrico is promoted to the rank of bishop, and then very quickly to archbishop in the space of two volumes by the Pope. He is given command of the remnants of the Christian armies from the Holy Crusades, which consists of over 3,000 knights clad in medieval armor and wielding an assortment of heavy weapons with which to attack Millennium. However, he became so drunk with power that he decided London's Protestant survivors also deserved to die, and commanded his men to kill them as well. Eventually, Alucard's undead army overran his own. Enrico's helicopter was shot down by Rip Van Winkle (who at this point was a familiar under the command of Alucard), but it was Anderson who broke the armored glass protecting him, leaving Enrico to be impaled by Alucard's men.

After Enrico's death, Anderson has a flashback. As a small child, Enrico lived at Ferdinand Luke's, an orphanage outside Rome where Anderson lived and worked. His parents had abandoned him, likely because he was the 'son of a mistress'. Though Anderson tried to raise him as well as he could, Enrico remained angry and spiteful. He grew determined to become someone that people couldn't look down on. Enrico's determination proved to be his hamartia, as he ended up dying the same way that he had lived; alone.

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