Erica Hartmann
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Erica Hartmann

Erica Hartmann (エーリカ・ハルトマン, Ērika Harutoman)

Voiced by: Sakura Nogawa

Karlsland's sixteen year old "ultra ace" of the Luftwaffe JG 52 with more than 200 confirmed victories and the rank of Flying Officer. While extremely efficient and strategic in battle, Erica is surprisingly sloppy with her belongings and often neglects cleaning tasks. The type of person who is only serious when the situation calls for it. Her special technique is an offensive barrel roll named Sturm which manipulates gusts of ether to attack enemies. With her Striker Unit equipped, Erica gains Dachshund features. Her armaments are the MG42 and a MP40. Her Striker Unit is based on the Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 and her ace archetype is Erich Hartmann.

Source: My Anime List, Wikipeadia - List of Strike Witches characters
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