Erika Sendo
Last Name: Kanda
First Name: Rie
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Erika Sendo

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Nobody rated Sendo Erika?

There are so many cute characters in animes but this girl is special. I don't get bored to look at her. I already repeated Fortune Arterial two times. I hope second season would start. This girls original design in the comic was not so attractive but she is soooo cute in this anime. You should watch this again.
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Naruto3142's Review on Erika Sendo

Erikia is a really bubbly person. She is more of an optimist because even though she is a vampire she wishes to be with Kohei. She also was really kind to everyone. She was a emotional person when she decided not to suck blood from others. She and her brother make a completely different view of vampires