Ethan Ruan
Last Name: Ruan
First Name: Ethan
Ruan Jing Tian
Xiao Tian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Taipei
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Birthday: Nov 8, 1982
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
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Fans: 122
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Ethan Ruan

Ethan Ruan (or Ruan Jing Tian as he is known in Taiwan), born on November 8th 1982, is a Taiwanese actor and model. His current alleged girlfriend is the actress cum model Tiffany Xu from It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss Again. The two, however, have repeatedly denied the relationship, asserting firmly that they are but good friends and colleagues.



Ethan Ruan, or more affectionately known as Xiao Tian in Taiwan, attends Hsing Wu College. He is good friends with Joe Cheng (Zheng Yuan Chang aka Xiao Zong) and Mike He (He Jun Xiang aka Xiao Mei); who attends the same college as well.


He started his acting career in 2004 when he participated in the drama Michael the Archangel’s Dance as Ghost. Several other dramas followed, such as Green Forest, My Home in 2005 and Summer X Summer in 2007. The drama that blasted him to fame is undoubtedly Fated To Love You, where he played the male lead Cun Xi. Fated To Love You also broke the viewer ship ratings throughout the idol drama history, thus getting much exposure and popularity for Ethan. He has also starred in several music videos of S.H.E., Faye Wong and Cyndi Wang.


Michael the Archangel’s Dance (2004) as Ghost Green Forest
My Home (2005) as Owen
Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (2006) as Shen Le
Summer x Summer (2007) as Qiao Shan
Wayward Kenting (2007) as Shao Nan
Fated to Love You (2008) as Ji Cun Xi
Invincible Shan Bao Mei (2008) as Ji Cun Xi (cameo appearance)
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