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Last Name: Kim
Kim Yoo Jin
Yoo Jin
Gim Yu-jin
Kim Yu-jin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Seoul
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Birthday: Mar 3, 1981
Blood Type: A
Member of:
SES: Entertainer
Type: Person
Page Views: 35094
Fans: 198
Forum Posts: 0
Wall Posts: 93
Photos Uploaded: 16


Kim Yoo Jin
Yoo Jin
Gim Yu-jin
Kim Yu-jin

Eugene (real name Kim Yoo Jin) is a South Korean singer and actress. She is mainly known for being a member of the K-pop band, SES. Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, but spent her childhood in Guam moving there after finishing elementary school.

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Eugene Extras

K-pop Career with SES

Eugene joined the band after sending her audition tape to SM Entertainment in South Korea. The band, featuring three members (Bada, Eugene and Shoo), debuted in 1997 and soon became one of Korean's biggest group of all time. Eugene was known as the beauty of the band and many believed that it was because of her that the band got many endorsements. Eugene had the leading role, being the focus of the advertisements. The band later disbanded in 2002.

Solo Music Career

After the band split, Eugene mainly concentrated on acting however she released 2 albums. Her first album, My True Style, sold nearly 65,000 records after its release in May 2003 and had one hit ballad, "The Best". Her second album 810303 sold a disappointing 19,000 copies. Although sales were low, Eugene still had a very successful single with "Windy".

Acting Career

Eugene has appeared in four Korean dramas: Loving You, Save Your Last Dance for Me Wonderful Life - Kdrama, and I Really Really Like You. She is well known for playing the lead role in ' Save Your Last Dance for Me' and even done some songs for the drama's soundtrack. She has also appeared in commercials and advertisements, most notably for Korean cosmetics company Cathy Cat.



My True Style (May 2003)

01. The Best
02. 차차
03. Rainy Day
04. You & I
05. Bad Boy
06. Feel Me
07. Goodbye
08. Sweet Babe
09. Lovely Day
10. Stay With Me
11. 후회
12. My Best Friend
13. 늘 처음처럼
14. 기억해요
15. Jesus Loves Me

810303 (August 2004)

01. 폭풍의 언덕
02. Windy
03. 미안한건..서러운건.
04. Pleeez
05. Happy Time
06. Pandora
07. 늦은 사랑
08. Relax
09. Remote Control
10. My Dream
11. 넌 어떠니
12. 이별이 내게 주는 것
13. Windy (Remix)
14. 810303 (To Be Continued)


TV Series
2014- Can We Love? (JTBC,)
2013- Hundred Year Inheritance (MBC)
2012- Oohlala Spouses (KBS2, ep 2) cameo
2011- Princess Hwapyung's Weight Loss (KBS2)
2010- King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (KBS2)
2009 - Creating Destiny (MBC)
2008 - One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2)
2006 - I Really Really Like You (MBC)
2005 - Wonderful Life - Kdrama (MBC)
2004 - Save Your Last Dance for Me (SBS)
2002 - Loving You (KBS2)


2008 - Romantic Island - Movie
2008 - I Feel Lucky / Like The Feeling Of Not Knowing
2008 - The Man Book 198 Pieces
2007 - Unstoppable Marriage


Education: Sang Soo Elementary School, Agatha Johnston Middle School, JFK High School, K.F.S (Korean Foreign School)
Hobbies: Collecting albums and athletics
Specialty: Playing piano, drawing, writing, interior design and photography
Languages: Korean, English and Chamorro
Kpop group: Singer of SES