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FT Island
Bass: Lee Jae Jin
Drummer: Choi Min Hwan
Former: Oh Won Bin
Leader: Choi Jong Hoon
Main Vocal: Lee Hong Ki
Rap and Guitar: Song Seung Hyun
Type: Collective
Page Views: 96585
Fans: 1984
Forum Posts: 288
Wall Posts: 895
Photos Uploaded: 880

FT Island

에프티 아일랜드
Five Treasure Island

A South Korean rock ballad band, their name F.T. Island stands for "Five Treasure Island," each of the five members representing a treasure. The band's official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as "pentasticks." Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, was the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea.

Not only does each member have singing capabilities, but can also play instruments. Their songs feature rock, ballad and medium tempo; they present very mature sensibility and warm the heart of their fans. In response to being complimented as the "handsome band," they say, "Thank you, but we'd like to be evaluated on our music rather than on our looks."
--Wikipedia and Soompi.com

Lee Hong Ki (이홍기) - lead vocals
Lee Jae Jin (이재진) - bass
Choi Jong Hun (최종훈) - piano, guitar (leader)
Choi Min Hwan (최민환) - drums
Song Seung Hyun (송승현) - soft vocal, rap, guitar

Former members
Oh Won Bin (오원빈) - vocals, rapping, guitar, harmonica

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Extended Information

Five Treasure Island first became the hot topic among teenagers when they starred in Mnet’s “Wanna be my girlfriend?” Soon after the premiere of the show, on March 13th 2007, the number of their fan cafe members exceeded 1 million. Their first showcase in May 27th filled up all 2000 seats with fans. FT Island officially debuted on M!Countdown on June 7th and their first album “Cheerful Sensibility” was released on June 8th.

FT Island is not your average dancing boy group but an idol band of five teenagers, who are gifted with amazing musical skills. The members are Choi Jonghun (guitar.piano), Lee Hongki (main vocal), Oh Wonbin (guitar.vocal), Lee Jaejin (bass) and Choi Minhwan (drum). These boys united under one common factor: their passion for music. They auditioned when they were still in middle and elementary schools and prepared for their debut for 2 years. Currently, the oldest of the members, Choi Jonghun, Lee Hongki and Oh Wonbin, are 18 years old and the youngest, Choi Minhwan, is 16 years old.

Their first album “Cheerful Sensibility” is divided into 2 parts “Emotional Chapter” and “Island Chapter” respectively according to the style of the song in the album. “Emotional Chapter” is public-friendly rock ballad oriented and “Island Chapter” features upbeat pop-rock oriented style. The album’s title song ‘Love Sick’ pulled the band right up to the summit by ranking #1 on various online music charts and music programs for 6 weeks in a row. The succeeding song ‘Thunder’ is also doing very well. Its music video gathered a lot of attention as the members themselves starred in it.

From the start, FT Island has been marked as the new storm in the Kpop world. They are noted for their determination to be recognized for their musical skills rather than pretty faces. Their goal to publicize band music in Korea is firm, and as they continue to expand their popularity throughout the world, their dream just might come true.


Members Information

Name : Lee Hongki
Birthdate : March 2nd, 1990
Blood Type : A
Position : Main Vocal
Height : 176 cm
For my future love : "I'll buy something for you, may I? What do you want? ^^"

Name : Choi Jonghun
Birthdate : March 7th, 1990
Blood Type : A
Position : Guitar, Piano & Leader
Height : 178 cm
For my future love : " Let's try our best! If I can't do well, please understand and forgive me<<<<<<< "======= "

Name : Song Seung Hyun
Birthdate : August 21, 1992
Blood Type :
Position : Guitar & Vocal
Height : 180 cm>>>>>>>

Name : Lee Jaejin
Birthdate : December 17,1991
Blood Type : A
Position : Bass
Height : 177 cm
For my future love : " Saranghae "

Name : Choi Minhwan
Birthdate : November 11th, 1992
Blood Type : A
Position : Drum
Height : 171 cm
For my future love : " My lovely beautiful girlfriend, please take care of your health. Love you!<<<<<<< "

Name : Song Seung Hyun
Birthdate : August 21, 1992
Blood Type :
Position : Soft Vocal, Rap, Guitar
Height : 180cm

Former members information

Name : Oh Wonbin
Birthdate : March 26th, 1990
Blood Type : O
Position : Guitar & Vocal
Height : 180 cm
For my future love : " When wil you appear in front of me? TT TT I'm so lonely~======= "
>>>>>>> "
Former Member Information

Name : Oh Wonbin
Birthdate : March 26th, 1990
Blood Type : O
Position : Guitar & Vocal
Height : 180 cm
For my future love : " When wil you appear in front of me? TT TT I'm so lonely~ ">>>>>>>
credit : soompi + hilary922003