Fallout 3
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Fallout 3

  • 7bLueSkies
    After Oblivion not making a real profound impression on me, I was disappointed yet not surprised that this felt little more than a Fallout total conversion mod for Oblivion. To anyone deciding whether to play: New Vegas is a bit better.
  • BbFZetsubou
    I got this game on Xbox 360 and PC overall great game
  • heart4u
    ^_^ charon is so smexah even if hes a ghoul XD i beat it once so i went out and bought the game guide so i could do all the quests!! nya~
  • mangigan
    this game is awsome i loved it and CyoteNinja... you say the game sucks because you can kill anything at any time and the others were better because you die instintly??? am i missing the picture here??? i thought shooting games were bout..
  • CyoteNinja
    btw, this game IS Oblivion with guns
  • CyoteNinja
    This game sucked compared to fallout 1&2. This game makes it so that you can kill pretty much ANY enemy with ANY gun at ANY point in the game, where as in the first two fallouts, you'll die almost instantly fighting a super mutant a low lev
  • LibertyPrime
    Energy weapons are the best BURN! HA!HA!!HA!!!HA!!!!
  • J-Tron
    this game is the shizzle, so awesome. its so interactive you can almost do anything
  • VRMaster
    This game is indeed one of the funnest games I have played in awhile. The whole integrating RPG elements into a shooter with multiple systems was real cool. Nah, right now I am too good and Ive got people hunting me. This game EPIC WIN!
  • mauigrown
    Game is effin EPIC!!! My guy's super evil, who else here is an evo person? Kill um all right. Take wat you can. Leave nothin behind, only dead bodies.
  • morekill
    how do i get to the download of project ank in the game? do i have to do the sad ending first?
  • valnavatthe1st
    I like Fallout as a setting. The music used and the Vault-Boy cartoons really struck my artistic fancy. The V.A.T.S. system is fun as ever.
  • Kazukikatsuhito
    THIS GAME IS A MASTER PIEACE i really love this game, who ever gets it wont be dispointed, PSN:kazukikatsuhito
  • krazykuzz
    WOOT!!!! great game, who here blew up meagaton?!?!?!?!
  • glockandroll
    the ending is sad,soooooo sad :(
  • S108
    yd u put pic of xobox version and not the ps3 ? =(
  • Black_Magic
    Why wont it end, i have other shit to do and i cant cause i still playing this, my holiday is being destroyed, all the games i was suppose to buy and anime i was going to watch.
  • Haruhiftw
    Act now & prepare for the future XD
  • Robert235
    best game i ever got but at certain times it crashes too much