Fated to Love You
Alternative Names:


Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni

You Are My Destiny

Predestined Love

Sticky Note Girl

Destiny Love

Country of Origin: Taiwan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Mar 16, 2008 to Aug 24, 2008
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
Page Views: 917557
Fans: 2807
Forum Posts: 1380
Wall Posts: 3033
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Fated to Love You

fave episodes/scenes
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26 / F / Ottawa , Canada
Posted 8/19/08  Reply  Quote
My fave scene is where cun xi tricked xin yi ... and when she found out she actually let him go on that barrel and then ran after him! ... that was HILARIOUS!

Also when cun xi pretended to be blind ... and then when xin yi's mom was doing that daily routine on poking sum kinda thing on his foot!

And the best part is when xin yi's sister and anson are staring at each other! ... Omg! ... ITs hilarious!
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27 / F
Posted 8/24/08, Edited 8/24/08  Reply  Quote
the funniest scene has to be in the club when Dylan says he has to thank two persons for this day
-first is the idiot who didn't cherish Chen Xin Yi(arrow hits CunXi)
-second is the person who bought "Souvenir" (arrow hits Cun Xi)

Cun Xi:"I really am an idiot!!!!"

oh and also the scene where Cun Xi wakes up in the bird cage bed with Anson next to him,both of them naked! lmao

plus Cun Xi's nosebleed when seeing Xin Yi's boobs

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F / seoul ^_^
Posted 8/28/08  Reply  Quote
when they kissed in the art gallery
and episode 12 was definatly the best and dramatic so sad too

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37 / M / California
Posted 8/31/08, Edited 8/31/08  Reply  Quote
pretty much like everything from ep 1-12
12 was the best ep everrr asdkjal;kjasd
all the parts where xin yi was super sad because cun xi ignores her and lets her suffer
she always puts herself down :(
the sadness makes it a top tier drama

then the eps started dragging on

but i also liked the 2nd meeting of stephen zhou
and the blind cun xi nosebleed part
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29 / F / michigan
Posted 9/2/08  Reply  Quote
eps. 11

after finding out she almost had a miscarriage and ran out to find her at the house. she was asleep in ji nian pin's room. after reading the diary he asked "Chen Xin Yi, what kind of feelings did you use to write this diary?"
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29 / F / Singapore.
Posted 9/7/08  Reply  Quote
hmmm...so many but the ones i rmrbred...

-the one in the room when xinyi's mum start poking cun xi's feet. EVERYTHING that happens in the room.
-the auction thing whr cun xi kissed xinyi.
-the one whr cun xi carried xin yi up the spiral stairs in bejing
-the one whr xin yi realised tat thr was no rope to the barrel YET. haha!!! xinyi's action...so cute. was like OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, her hands flying all over...haha!!!
-the one...so many lah!!!

oh anson and xinyi's eldest sister...the electric stare!!! HAHA!!! and thn the mum snapped it off...*lol*
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30 / F
Posted 9/13/08  Reply  Quote
i think is first drama episode where they making love so quickly that is was unexpected taiwan drama have that scene.. and them i think most of us were addicted to know more what will happen next
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Posted 9/20/08  Reply  Quote
haha yah XD !!!! the barrel part was hilarious XDXD
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47 / F / norway
Posted 9/28/08  Reply  Quote
ep 1 p2 & the whole ep 12 is my favorite..
but the whole drama series is the BEST..
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26 / F / my mother's womb
Posted 9/29/08  Reply  Quote
i love ep 12 ! though it is very sad n it makes me tear all the way !
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47 / F / norway
Posted 9/30/08  Reply  Quote
i like the scene where chen xing yi had an accedent.,ep 12. and her second accedent where she and cun xi met.
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27 / F / New York
Posted 10/16/08  Reply  Quote
i LOVE the scene where they dress in the matching cloths and take pictures

and then i love the scene in Shanghai, both when they are dancing together and he is massively jealous, and later when he is sick and they totally make outtt
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F / Curacao
Posted 10/17/08, Edited 10/17/08  Reply  Quote
I loved the scene where they make out at the hotel in shanghai and also the scene where cun xi does as if he's still blind to keep her by his side.

I also loved the scene where they dance on the boat.
They looked really sweet.

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27 / F / London
Posted 10/27/08  Reply  Quote

eunicecai888 wrote:

flyme wrote:

i have so many, pics below are samples of those scene that makes my heart addicted to the drama

I also like those scenes.... :P

me too

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47 / F / norway
Posted 10/27/08  Reply  Quote
is where cun xi found out that xinyi is pregnant.. ep 2 i think.
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