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Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy

Who's interested in playing FFXIV for PS3?
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27 / M / Tyndall AFB, Florida
Posted 7/23/13  Reply  Quote

So is anyone actually interested in playing the game on PS3? I know its popular on PC but when I asked all my friends I just got completely rejected. Everyone thinks it'll be a repeat of the last online FF.

But I have faith and I pre-ordered this game.
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16 / M / Straight Outta Co...
Posted 7/23/13  Reply  Quote
I would if it was on xbox.. Oh well, at least I have Diablo 3 and Lightning Returns to look forward to on xbox!
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Posted 7/24/13  Reply  Quote
im not quite sure. If i get my new computer i will probably play on the pc. But im seriously debating the ps3. Either way im waiting till it comes out till i buy it.
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21 / M / Ultimecia's kastle
Posted 9/29/13  Reply  Quote
They're cross server so it's really just up to graphics, ease of chat and the controller.
I could easily say the PC wins in regard to headset use due to a multiple programs for it. However if all your acquintances play on Ps3 you can all chat on headset there too. Graphics depend on rig of course. And i prefer the Ps3 controller due to their "Cross Bar" system. Very handy! Also, the camera works differently on PC and Ps3.
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29 / F / Bishop, Anime Lilith
Posted 12/8/13  Reply  Quote
Nah! But I do hope it comes to Xbox One! If it don't. I'll just get it for PS4.....
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40 / M / North East, Unite...
Posted 1/22/14  Reply  Quote
I play. I have a lv 50 Dragoon, lvl 50 Warrior and a bunch of lvl 50 Land and Hand. I hate Titan Ex!
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21 / M / McAllen Texas
Posted 7/7/14  Reply  Quote
i love this game. i have to say this game has taken my life away lol i play way way to much.
if you guys want to add me go ahead

Server : Leviathan
player ID: Fear Stealth
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14 / F
Posted 12/12/14  Reply  Quote
i love this movie so much. especially the seventh one. and the soundtrack to it.
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F / with Wave♥
Posted 5/29/15  Reply  Quote
I would but I am terrible at ps3 im only good at pc or xbox
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