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Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy

Who's interested in playing FFXIV for PS3?
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27 / M / Tyndall AFB, Florida
Posted 7/23/13  Reply  Quote

So is anyone actually interested in playing the game on PS3? I know its popular on PC but when I asked all my friends I just got completely rejected. Everyone thinks it'll be a repeat of the last online FF.

But I have faith and I pre-ordered this game.
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16 / M / Straight Outta Co...
Posted 7/23/13  Reply  Quote
I would if it was on xbox.. Oh well, at least I have Diablo 3 and Lightning Returns to look forward to on xbox!
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Posted 7/24/13  Reply  Quote
im not quite sure. If i get my new computer i will probably play on the pc. But im seriously debating the ps3. Either way im waiting till it comes out till i buy it.
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21 / M / Ultimecia's kastle
Posted 9/29/13  Reply  Quote
They're cross server so it's really just up to graphics, ease of chat and the controller.
I could easily say the PC wins in regard to headset use due to a multiple programs for it. However if all your acquintances play on Ps3 you can all chat on headset there too. Graphics depend on rig of course. And i prefer the Ps3 controller due to their "Cross Bar" system. Very handy! Also, the camera works differently on PC and Ps3.
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29 / F / Bishop, Anime Lilith
Posted 12/8/13  Reply  Quote
Nah! But I do hope it comes to Xbox One! If it don't. I'll just get it for PS4.....
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40 / M / North East, Unite...
Posted 1/22/14  Reply  Quote
I play. I have a lv 50 Dragoon, lvl 50 Warrior and a bunch of lvl 50 Land and Hand. I hate Titan Ex!
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21 / M / McAllen Texas
Posted 7/7/14  Reply  Quote
i love this game. i have to say this game has taken my life away lol i play way way to much.
if you guys want to add me go ahead

Server : Leviathan
player ID: Fear Stealth
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14 / F
Posted 12/12/14  Reply  Quote
i love this movie so much. especially the seventh one. and the soundtrack to it.
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21 / F / with Wave♥
Posted 5/29/15  Reply  Quote
I would but I am terrible at ps3 im only good at pc or xbox
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28 / M / Oregon, US
Posted 3 days ago, Edited 3 days ago  Reply  Quote
The PS3 is not powerful enough to play the game properly at higher levels. There are people in my FC that play on PS3 and oftentimes an S-rank hunt or a Crystal Tower boss and such will not render. Load times are also horrendous in the larger zones introduced in Heavenward. I started out with PS3 but the moment the PS4 version came out I switched to it and it works much better. PS4 is much more powerful and better for this kind of game. Or do as most MMO players and go with a PC.
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