Gakuto Mukahi
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Gakuto Mukahi

This article is a list of fictional characters from the anime and manga series The Prince of Tennis created by Takeshi Konomi.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Mukahi Gakuto is one of the doubles of Hyotei Gakuen in Prince of Tennis. He has red hair cut into a bob head and blue eyes, and is a volley specialist. Mukahi has been paired up first with Hyotei's tensai Oshitari Yuushi, then with Hiyoshi Wakashi. He has been in the regulars since the start of the Prince of Tennis and has a furoius temper. It seems that he sometimes acts rashly too. He is jumpy and likes to jump around the court. His play is like Kikumaru Eiji from Seigaku, Acobatic Play.