Ged Senki Tales from Earthsea - Movie
Alternative Names:

Ged's War Chronicle

Gedo Senki

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Ged Senki Tales from Earthsea - Movie

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Studio Ghibli`s latest full-length animated feature directed by Hayao Miyazaki`s son Goro Miyazaki! The world is gripped in terror as plants are drying up, livestock are going to waste, and the human brain begins to corrupt. Natural disasters are punishing the kingdom of Enlad and the light which should be bringing balance to the world is weakening. Meanwhile the sacred sword has been stolen from the king by an assassin. On the verge of passing out, the king mutters the name "Arren"... the name of his only son who is on a journey to find the source of the destruction in the world. When Arren comes across the powerfull sorcerer Haitaka, a man formerly known as Ged who is the root of the terror, the balance of the world begins to crumble and Arren`s life itself is on the edge. However, when Haitaka witnesses Arren`s inability to overcome the darkenss in his own heart, Haitaka sees elements of himself in the young prince. He spares his life and the two venture out into the world.
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Bunta Sugawara
Okada Junichi
Aoi Teshima
HareTeruyuki Kagawa
KingKaoru Kobayashi
QueenYui Natsukawa