Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Alternative Names:


Kōkaku Kidōtai Sutando Arōn Konpurekkusu?

"Mobile Armoured Riot Police: Stand Alone Complex"

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2002
Air Date: Oct 1, 2002 to Mar 25, 2003
Episodes: 26
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Motoko Kusanagi
By Atsuko Tanaka
Type: Series
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

In the future, life between the digital and physical world has been blurred. The boundary of technology and humanity has been stretched beyond imagination with lives being led in both the electronic and physical worlds. With the melding of man and machine – a new cybernetic level of existence is being created - An existence that continues to redefine mankind.
Extended Information

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex the anime, is an adaptation of the novel of the same name.

"In the not-too-distant future of 2032, the frontier dividing humans and machines has been crossed. Crimes comitted by flesh-and-metal cyborgs are investigated by Section 9, an elite counter-terrorist squad run by Chief Aramaki and his cyborg assistant, Major Motoko Kusanagi. Section 9 has faced countless adversaries in the real world and in cyberspace, but none like 'The Awakened.' It is believed that this lethal group of terrorists can take over the minds and bodies of almost anyone. Used as tools to commit crimes against the state, the victims are unaware of who or what is controlling them. When Major Kusanagi captures one of the victims, she hacks into his cyberbrain to learn the ringleader's identity-what she discovers leads her on a journey deep into the heart of cyberspace, a journey that shakes her to the core."

Ghost in the Shell has been mentioned as one of the note-worthy works in Cyberpunk, and "the most interesting, sustained postcyberpunk media work in existence.". It's also been stated as a source of inspiration for the Matrix.

Running time:
Duration: 25 min. per episode

Opening theme:
"Inner Universe" by Origa & Benedict Del Maestro; Yoko Kanno

Closing theme:
"Lithium Flower" by Time Jensen; Yoko Kanno

Episode List:

1: Section 9
2: Testation
3: Android and I
4: Intercepter
5: Decoy
6: Meme
7: Idolater
8: Missing Hearts
9: Chat! Chat! Chat!
10: Jungle Cruise
11: Portraitz
12: Escape From
13: Not Equal
14: YES
15: Machines Desirantes
16: Ag20
17: Angel's Share
18: Lost Heritage
19: Captivated
20: Re-View
21: Eraser
22: Scandal
23: Equinox
24: Annihilation
25: Barrage
26: Stand Alone Complex

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Motoko Kusanagi (lead)Atsuko Tanaka
BormaTaro Yamaguchi
Pazu (Section 9)