Glory of Heracles Proof of the Soul
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Glory of Heracles Proof of the Soul

The Glory of Heracles series started on the Famicom and was pretty much a Dragon Quest clone in its first two entries. The major appeal is its setting, which is ancient Greece. When the series jumped to the Super Famicom, it began to come into its own, but ended in 1994 with the release of the 4th entry. Proof of the Soul is the first game the series has seen in 14 years.

Proof of the Soul is a traditional, turn-based RPG with some pretty interesting systems. It can be controlled with either the stylus or the face buttons.

The game stars a young man who has lost his memory and sets out to find out who he is. Eventually, he finds out that he's immortal, and that the friends he's met on his journey are also immortal. They set off toward Olympus to get some answers.
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