Gonin - Movie
Alternative Names:

The Five

Year Produced: 1995
Episodes: 4
Type: Series
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Gonin - Movie

  • aekae
    Eunievie, I'm not dead yet? Why'd ya lie to us?
  • KryseeMac
    Watch 'My Boss My Hero' for a funny version of the Yakuza. That series is so sillie but he is scary when he is dress as a yakuza but not as a 27 years old high school kid.
  • iwannabeaninja
    have and the danger that they face.
  • iwannabeaninja
    to make movies about it, the way I see it, we look at these people like modern day pirates (athough they're not as cool as pirates!)... we're repulsed by them and there violence and greed but we're also incredibly mesmorized by the freedom that they hav
  • iwannabeaninja
    Well, thats no difrent than any other part of the world.... we've got movies and shows like the god father and scarface and the saprano's while japan has yakuza... Every ware has their own form on old school gangster style violence and every society tends
  • maigao
    why is everything about the Yakuza gang...
  • pastys
    this was my first movie that i saw about japanese yakuza. very haunting. sato was good as ever, and kitano also.
  • mfar85
    so how about this movie guys???is it worth to watch it???
  • muntalan21
    pikonako...hot headed chick!! lol...probably u swear after ur mom saw that ur kitchen is on fire..
  • pikonako
    looks so interesting......hahaha while typing this my mom saw the kitchen on fire. hahaha...it's all good now.
  • 8469
    this better b good