Good Witch of the West
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Good Witch of the West

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When Filiel received her mother’s necklace as a memento from an obstinate astronomer Dee, her common and tedious life was turned into a life of conspiracies. Soon she realized it was herself that could save important things.
Extended Information

Firiel Dee - The main protagonist, taken care of by Mr. and Mrs. Holy because her father never leaves the tower, the lab in which he and Roux study. She becomes recognized as one of the candidates for the queen's position and finds out her mother was a famed member of the royal family.
Roux (Rumpelsti Ltskin) - Firiel's childhood friend as well as her father's student and assistant. He protects Firiel throughout the series and is obviously enamored by her. In the start of the series, Firiel looks at him more like a little brother, though they later develop a serious relationship.
Adale Roland - A candidate for the queen's position and a princess of the Roland family who becomes one of Firiel's friends.
Gideon Dee (Doctor Dee) - Firiel's father and a scientist and research; Firiel thinks that he cares more about his student (Roux) than her, which is not hard to believe.
Madam Holy - Takes care of Firiel before she lives in the palace with Mr. Holy; she appears throughout the series and helps Firiel.
Mr. Holy - Took care of Firiel with Mrs. Holy.
Eusis Roland - Adale's older brother, he also protects Firiel in the series, and is considered "Roux's rival" by Lot (meaning for the hand of Firiel). He proposes to Firiel which, of course, she rejects.
Count Christbard - Eusis' close friend ("Lot").
Bard - A mysterious minstrel and close guardian to the queen of Gulair with magical powers.

[edit] Episode 1: Edeline's Necklace
The viewer is introduced to Firiel Dee, a country girl from the farmlands of Sellafield who has just turned fifteen. As such, Firiel is finally allowed to attend the ball honoring the birthday of Queen Astraea, the previous ruler of the nearby Kingdom of Roland. As a gift for her own birthday, Firiel's guardians the Holys give her a gown to wear to the ball, which she happily accepts.

Firiel's father, the famous doctor and scientist Gideon Dee, sends his student, Roux, down from the tower where they are conducting research to give Firiel a second gift--a necklace with a large, blue stone that had belonged to her mother Yuna years before. Firiel invites Roux to the Ball, but he refuses to go.[2] In the end, Firiel travels to the castle at Anba Cape with your friend Marie, who dreams of working as a lady in waiting for the Princess of Roland.[3]

The action then shifts away from Firiel, and the viewer meets two young aristocrats who appear to be the object of many a young girl's gaze. The first is introduced as Eusis Roland, the next in like to be the Duke of Roland. Eusis takes notice of Firiel, and asks if he'd seen her somewhere before. Firiel tells him that this is impossible, as it is her first time at the ball. The second gentleman, Duke Lot Christbard, interrupts their exchange and tells Eusis that the best way to get to know a woman is to dance with her. Firiel is embarrassed, but she accepts Eusis's offer when he finally makes it.

After the dance is over, Adale, the Princess of Roland, makes her appearance at the ball. After descending the stairs, however, Adale notices Firiel's new necklace, which she claims is the "Queen's Touchstone" that has been missing for many years. Eusis asks where Firiel got it from, but all she can say is that it was a gift from her father. When he continues to press Firiel for more information, the young girl becomes stubborn, rips the necklace from around her neck, and says that she'll give it back if it is worth so much. [4]

After the ball has ended, Adale explains to Firiel that the necklace she has once belonged to Edeline, a former candidate to be the queen of the kingdom. When Edeline went missing ten years ago, she took the necklace with her. Just as Firiel prepares to return to Sellafield, Roux appears in the castle, with a very late warning that she should not wear the necklace to the ball. He also reveals that Firiel's mother is actually the late Duchess Edeline, making Firiel an unofficial candidate for queen herself. When Firiel insists that her mother's name was Yuna, Roux declares that "Yuna" is just another word for "Astraea", the name given to all of the queens of the kingdom.

Firiel storms out of the castle with Roux in tow, in the hopes of confronting her father about the situation. However, the doctor has fled the tower with the excuse that he is observing stars in the Southern Hemisphere. The Holys enter the tower, worried that it has been robbed. After telling the two teenagers to return to the house, the Holys begin to burn Gideon Dee's books, including the book of fairy tales that Firiel's mother wrote for her years ago. Roux asks why this has to happen, and Mr. Holy says that it is because of the dangerous nature of the doctor's research. In the end, Firiel agrees to burn the books, saying that she has her own memories of the stories inside.[5]

After burning several more sets of research data, Firiel and company are interrupted by several Heathen Judges, special agents sent to carry out the will of the King. The three attempt to flee, but are quickly caught. Roux manages to throw the Judges off balance using some illegal Flash Grenades, but they continue to demand Gideon Dee's "Ephemeris", which Firiel knows nothing about. Firiel manages to escape from the tower, only to find her home ablaze. The episode ends with Firiel lamenting her situation, which she simply cannot understand.

[edit] Episode 2: Little Lamb's Traces
The opening montage of the episode features Princess Adale discovering Firiel, who has collapsed on a forest path. Firiel asks Adale to rescue Roux, who has been kidnapped.

Inside the castle, Eusis asks Firiel more about the nature of her father's research. Eusis eventually comes to the conclusion that it must have been evil work, which causes Firiel to cry.[6] To express his apologies, Eusis agrees to help find Roux.

Shortly after, Adale and Eusis discuss the current situation regarding Edeline's Necklace, and Adale says that she is going to tell "Leandra" about what is going on. Leandra Cheviat is another candidate to become the next queen, whom Adale suspects will stop at nothing to eliminate Firiel.

The scene switches to a mysterious building, and the viewer finds that Roux has indeed been kidnapped, and is being tortured by a member of the Judges who wants to know about the Ephemeris. When Roux refuses to give him any information, the Judge physically brands him as a traitor to the kingdom.

The next morning, Eusis reviews his plans to investigate Roux's whereabouts, which happen to be on land owned by Barons Sandlru and Riez, who are also vying for the throne. Firiel awakens to find that Mrs. Holy is still alive and has come to the castle to warn her not to do anything rash. However, Firiel decides to strike out on her own to rescue Roux herself. [7] Adale enters the room and asks to accompany Firiel to Roux's prison. She plans to play the part of a begger in order to sneak into the building. Before they can get to the prison, the group is waylaid by hooded men on horseback, who appear to kidnap Adale. However, it turns out that these men are Eusis and his soldiers who were on their way to assault the prison. Eusis chastises Adale [8] and sends them back to the castle to wait.

Eusis and company are quickly able to find Roux, who is unconscious in a cell in the prison. Roux asks Eusis to keep his branding a secret before allowing himself to be rescued. Elsewhere, the Judge who tortured Roux tells a mysterious figure that they already have all of the information they want in the form of Roux's Flash Grenades. The Judge, who is revealed to be Baron Riez, then goes on to say that the Ephemeris will soon be in their hands, and that they will be able to defeat the neighboring nations.

Firiel and Adale visit Roux the next morning, but Roux expresses some sadness that Firiel has become accustomed to being at the castle. [9] He then vows revenge on the Judges, who have stolen everything important to him in so short a time.

Adale brightens the mood by reminding Firiel and Roux that they have been reunited, and then explains the truth behind Edeline's Necklace. [10] She also reveals that if the necklace reacts to Firiel's blood, she will hold a rightful claim to the throne of Gulair. When Firiel places a drop of her blood onto the stone, it turns red, thus confirming that she is a candidate for queen.

Firiel then meets with Duke Baron, the ruler of the castle where the group has been staying, and asks what will happen to Roux. The Duke believes that Firiel is truly the Blue Princess Edeline's daughter, and orders her to attend school with Adale at the Toras Convent. Firiel says that she must watch over Roux as he recovers, but then remembers another of her mother's fairy tales, that of seven lambs who are attacked by a wolf.

[edit] Episode 3: The Secret Garden
The episode begins with Princess Adale telling Firiel about the Toras Academy, which is known both as "The Secret Garden" and "The Demon's Lair." Because of the popularity of the school, the Gulair Kingdom has come to be known as The Good Witch of the West by surrounding nations. Adale also asks Firiel to deliver a manuscript of a yaoi romance story involving Eusis and Roux to the girls in charge of the Literature Club at school.

When she arrives at Toras Academy, Firiel is taken to her room by Sister Lain, a nun who is employed by the school. She is told to report to the afternoon service once she has finished settling into her quarters. She arrives at the service late, and is told the rules of the church by a shy but devoted student named Cisaria.[11] Firiel asks Cisaria to show her around the school after the service ends, but is taken away by three members of the Student Council who call her a servant because of her appearance. Even when another student confirms that she has clothes that a servant could not possess, the leader of the trio, Ravenna, declares that Firiel must be a spy, and thus an enemy of the Academy.

The next morning, Firiel is shunned by the girls in her new class, and is chastised by the teacher for being loud. The topic of the class is how to attract men from various countries, and Firiel realizes that Toras Academy is little more than a finishing school. She continues to be shunned throughout the day by the rest of the girls at the school, and is advised by Sister Lain to be respectful to them, no matter how cruel they are to her. The trio of Student Council officers assigns a younger girl named Roselitte to monitor Firiel's activity until after the Summer Solstice Festival, which is taking place the next night. The festival involves a play in which a knight slays a dragon in a quest to save a princess.[12] After the play has ended, Firiel is attacked in the darkness of the theater by an unknown assailant who then pushes Roselitte off the balcony where the two were sitting to her death; this is called a sacrificial offering by the actress playing the goddess Astraea.

Two students from the Investigation Committee come to ask Firiel about what happened, but she declines to respond to their questions. They tell Firiel that Roselitte was meant to kill Firiel during the play, but she tells them that she is leaving the school. On her way out of the building, she drops her suitcase, which still contains Adale's story. The two girls then reveal that they are also the heads of the Literature Club, and that they will vouch for Firiel. She says yet again that she will return to the castle, but when she reaches the gate of the school, she meets her friend Marie, who has followed her from Sellafield. Roux has also come to the school dressed as a girl, because he wants to be at Firiel's side.

[edit] Episode 4: The Darkness of the Garden
The episode begins with a reminder that Roux has infiltrated the Toras Academy by disguising himself as a woman. He explains that his reason for coming to the school was to escape from the nobles living at the castle and keep a low profile. He was able to come because in the previous episode he had won a chess match with Eusis. Marie tells Roux that he must not wear his glasses while at the school, because this will make him more attractive. On his way to the cafeteria, Roux is waylaid by the trio from the Student Council, who demand to know why he transferred to the school. Though he does not reveal his identity to them, Roux does admit that he has a connection to Firiel.

In the school cafeteria, Firiel finds that the rest of the students are no longer ignoring her, but instead are trying to gain her favor. That night, Roux goes to visit Firiel, and teaches her how to play chess. He tells Firiel that he wants to return to the observatory to salvage the information about the Ephemeris. He also likens the quest for becoming queen to a chess match, and tells Firiel to be careful not to become a pawn.

The next morning, Marie notices that Sister Lain closely resembles the image of the Goddess Astraea, which is why she is known as the Affectionate Spirit to the students of the school.[13] After classes, Vincent takes Firiel aside and also tells her to be careful.[14] Vincent then presents Firiel with a sword so that she can stand up against the Student Council.[15] However, even this is a part of the school's game of seduction, as all Firiel will have to do is pose with the sword.

After the episode break, Rouxnet (Roux's fake name) shows Firiel a love letter he received from an anonymous student. Firiel suspects that the person who wrote the letter probably knows Roux's true identity, but he does not believe her. Firiel admonishes Roux for not caring about the girl's feelings, and vows to discover her identity. The next day, Roux is confronted by Sister Lain, who asks Roux to join the Student Council. Sister Lain reveals that she knows of Roux's knowledge of Ephemeris, and threatens to hurt Firiel if Roux does not go along with her plans.

Meanwhile, Firiel wonders whether she can compete against Ravenna, and is almost crushed by some falling boards. A mysterious student saves her, and is introduced as Igraine, her new sword instructor. The two begin their training, but Ravenna finds out about their plan to take back the school. She laughs at Igraine's attempt to make up for the death of her close friend, Roselitte, who abandoned Igraine after the last seduction game. However, Firiel tells Igraine that she will defeat Ravenna, and the two continue to train. After a short time, Firiel begins to draw followers, who begin to question the Student Council.

At the end of the day, Firiel finds that she has one of the pieces from Roux's chess game. She goes to his room to return it, and finds that he is having a nightmare about his torture. She also discovers all of the scars from that incident, as well as the "Snake Rod" that has been branded onto his chest. Roux tells Firiel that he will have revenge on the ones who tortured him, and Firiel vows to help Roux along the way. At the very end of the episode, Roux kisses Firiel, telling her not to think of him as a little brother anymore.

[edit] Episode 5: The Flowers Engaging in Secret Maneuvers
The episode opens with Firiel in a classroom daydreaming. Marie catches her attention, and the two move on to their next course. Roux reads another letter from Sister Lain, which tells him to meet her in the Student Council room. When he arrives, Roux discovers that Sister Lain is a beautiful woman who is also an expert at fencing. She reveals her intentions to force Roux to join the Student Council in exchange for the Ephemeris. She also reveals more to the audience the true nature of the Ephemeris.[16] Lain tries to bribe Roux with the promise of information about Hermes Trismegistus, and then attempts to seduce him with her palpable charm. Firiel bursts into the room, freeing Roux from Lain's spell. She also recognizes Lain as the ruthless and cunning Leandra, who had yet to make an appearance in the series.[17] Leandra tells Firiel that she and Adale truly are opposites, since they rely on different kinds of charm to win support from their followers.

During Firiel's training later in the day, Igraine tells her that she cannot hope to win against Ravenna; this is because Firiel refuses to concentrate on the task at hand. Firiel renews her resolve to win the contest, and Igraine takes her to a secluded spot at the top of the school. After completing their training for the day, Igraine gives Firiel her "charm"—a kiss that will bring her strength.

That night, Roux goes to Firiel's room and invites her to see a meteor shower. This reminds Firiel of the happy times she had with Roux and her father in their observatory when she was very young. She kisses Roux to thank him, but Roux tells her that she doesn't understand anything. This confuses Firiel, who asks if Roux wants to try again. They do this just before the break in the episode.

The competition between Firiel and Ravenna is the next day, but Firiel receives a letter warning her against participating. Firiel assumes that the letter is from Leandra, and confronts her. Leandra tells Firiel that there is a third faction in the school, the "Anti-Student Council Faction" that was actually behind Roselitte's death. The duel begins, whereupon Ravenna reveals to Firiel that she has also been receiving warning letters. There is a clear difference in skill between the two, and Firiel is quickly at a disadvantage. Just as Ravenna is about to strike the final blow, a light shines from the stands, momentarily blinding her. Firiel takes advantage of the situation, knocking Ravenna's blade from her hands. Her reward is said to be the love of the Sacrificed Princess of the festival, who enters the arena.

However, instead of giving her blessing, the Princess tries to stab Firiel with a dagger. Her headdress falls off, revealing her identity as Cisaria, the quiet girl who was praying when Firiel first entered the school. She tells Ravenna and Firiel that the Queen is supposed to emulate Astraea, and that neither woman fulfills that requirement. She admits to killing Roselitte at the Solstice Festival, but says that she did it for Astraea's sake. She then tries to jump from the side of the arena, which is high on a cliff. Roux is able to save Cisaria, and reveals that it was he who distracted Ravenna during the duel in order to find out who was trying to kill Firiel. Enraged, Ravenna grabs Roux's wig and shows everyone his identity as a man. Before anyone can say anything, however, Adale appears atop a small tower of the castle to tell everyone that the Student Council, and the match between Firiel and Ravenna, are invalid. She also lets Leandra know indirectly that her plot has failed.[18] As such, the existence of a male within the school is also impossible, and all part of a dream. Eusis appears on a white horse just as he did in Adale's latest story, and rides away with Roux, leading the crowd to think this has all been an act. Afterward, Adale, Firiel, and Marie laugh about how the whole situation turned out, while Roux and Eusis are left to wonder why things happened as they did.

The episode ends with Leandra, dressed as Sister Lain, stabbing a statue of the Queen in the forehead. She reveals to the audience that the Queen is her grandmother, and that she will win the title of Queen.

[edit] Episode 6: The Waltz in the Palace
The episode begins with Roux asking Eusis to teach him to use a sword. When Eusis laughs at his request, Roux throws a chessboard at him and runs away. Meanwile, Adale is discussing Eusis's lack of personality with Firiel; it is Adale's wish that her brother experience a romance at some point in his life. Eusis enters and tells the two girls what had happened, and says that Roux should concentrate on developing his skills as a genius chess player instead of learning the sword. Firiel asks Roux why he wants to become a swordsman, and he tells her that it is so they can return to Sellafield as soon as possible. Firiel responds by saying she will not return to the astrological observatory at Sellafield until after the ceremony at Hyragurion, because she does not want to cause problems for the royal family. She tries to promise Roux that they will return afterward with a kiss, but an elderly member of the court stops her at the last moment.

The scene changes and shows Duke Lot riding up to the castle to tell the others that Duke Riez will not get in the way of the Queen selection process anymore, but expresses doubt that he is being honest.[19] Lot also says that Riez is trying to gain popularity with the people of Hoshuhana, who are afraid of what Leandra will do should she become the queen. His final piece of news is that Firiel and Roux have become famous as a result of the events at Toras Academy.[20] He warns Eusis not to take Roux lightly as a possible rival for Firiel's affections, much to Eusis's surprise.

Marie,who had become a maid in the palace, tells Firiel that her position as a candidate for Queen will be in trouble should people find out she has kissed Roux; the old woman enters Firiel's room at this point, and takes her to see Lady Margot, the mother of Eusis and Adale. On the way, she encounters a garden of roses, and comments that she has never seen them before. Lady Margot enters and uses roses as a metaphor in order to teach Firiel a bit about her power as a woman. [21] She asks Firiel why she wants to go to Hyragurion, and Firiel says that she needs to protect the observatory and her father's legacy. Margot is taken aback by Firiel's innocent response, and warns her to be more careful with her feelings once she reaches Hyragurion.

The second half of the episode begins with the Royal Family and Firiel heading down the road to Hyragurion, an enormous castle town reaching high in the sky. That night, Adale and Firiel get ready to attend a ball in the castle, and Adale tells Firiel why they must get so dressed up for the occasion.[22] She tells Firiel that the tests to determine the next Queen are based on fairy tales, which have special powers that must be understood in if one is to be a good leader. Adale and Firiel are then introduced to the party, and appear to be the center of attention, but are quickly upstaged by Leandra. Adale tries to teach Firiel a bit about the fairy tales, but soon leaves to make up for her failed entrance. Firiel, in turn, retreats to the wall to ponder whether Roux's name is a codeword for his place in the story of her life: is he meant to bring her great happiness? Her thoughts are interrupted by several young men who want to know her true identity, but she is soon saved by Eusis, who asks her to dance. The two begin to waltz; Adale is happy that Firiel is trying her best, and Leandra is annoyed that she is losing the attention of the assembly.

While dancing Eusis tells Firiel the story of Snow White and asks if she would like to take a walk. He reveals that he asked Firiel to dance to save her from the young men, and the two run off into the forest to find a nightengale. Eusis then tells Firiel that the battle for the crown has begun, and that, though she is not one of the two main contenders for the throne, she is in danger as long as she is in Hyragurion. He vows to protect her, but instead of returning his feelings, Firiel asks Eusis what he thinks about Roux. Eusis tells Firiel that Roux will be safe with the people at the Royal Research Center, and the nightengale appears to ease the tension between the two.

Firiel awakens the next morning, only to hear from Marie that Eusis meant his kind words as a proposal for marriage; the episode ends with her shocked expression.

Firiel Dee (lead)Fumiko Orikasa
Roux Ltskin (lead)Hirata Hiromi
Adele RolandChiwa Saito
Cheviat LeandraRie Tanaka
Chrisbart LotAkira Ishida
Dee Gideon
Oset MarieAyumi Fujimura
Riez LiamonJouji Nakata
Roland EusisKishou Taniyama