Goshuushosama Ninomiya-kun
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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Goshuushosama Ninomiya-kun

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My condolences, Ninomiya...you are one lucky guy

I watch a lot of anime that seems to be based on fan services and some that focus on a wide audiences. Where this show falls is sort of in the middle. While it definitely has an interesting story to go by, there are some fan service going on in the series. I do have to admit, though, this is definitely one of my favorites.

The anime talks about a man named Shungo Ninomiya, born as an army brat and lives alone with his older sister while their parents are away. He seems to have a strong resistance to temptation, that is being a complete pervert. He resists girls all the time and is perfect to help a young woman's problem, a woman named Mayu Tsukimura, who turns out to be a succubus. Interesting, seeing how in Medieval mythology suggests that the succubus's job is to lure men and fool around. This is a complete opposite in this show and it serves as a comedy. What follows is the ride of Ninomiya's life, as he tries to protect Mayu from being overwhelmed by men and using her powers to drain their life energy while also dealing with a rival woman Reika Hojo, who seems jealous of Mayu hanging out with Ninomiya. It's a nice story, blending comedy, drama, and romance.

The opening and the ending are awesome do to the techno beats that remind me of the scene in Blade and how I want him to just cut down everyone because the music is now addicting. The incidental music is not bad, though it does often repeat one too many times, but there's nothing that will make you whistle your heart out.

The characters are great and have their own distinctive personalities. Ninomiya is a character I like the most because unlike some men that I've seen in some anime, he resists his manly hormones to go all crazy on the women in the dressing room in the pool. He fights the urges, but some women try to break him, yet in the end, he manages to break away. Mayu is the cliche of some anime women. She's a ditsy idiot with a heart, however, as it turns out during one of the episodes, she was a tough character as a kid. That was cool, yet they never fully explain why she's afraid of men or why she turned down her tough figure and turned into the next Mikuru. Reika is freakin' insane, yet she seems a pretty interesting character and it seems that she has a dual personality that is reminiscent of Harvey Two-Face. Everyone else is okay, some having importance in the show, some having less screen time than others.

The animation is pretty good. I like the character designs of Mayu and Reika, though it seems as though that puberty has been very kind to all the women in this show except for Reika if you know what I mean. The ending theme animation was pretty good, but kind of scary, seeing how the "physics" of the women were really unearthly.

Overall, this is another great anime that only lasted for 12 episodes, one episode short that would be considered standard for short lived anime. That's how I like it, though, so it doesn't get confusing nor difficult to figure out where to start. I mention that kind of thing many times, but believe me, it's the most convenient in my case. If there's one thing I would like to say: Goshusho-sama, Ninomiya-kun, you lucky son of a ----.