Grand Chase
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Grand Chase

What region you from and what Grand chase you play?
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F / Sensei's apartment
Posted 12/30/12  Reply  Quote
Asia. GCPH! <3
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20 / M / Your window.
Posted 3/11/13  Reply  Quote
North America. NAGC. Though it's not as populated as it used to be, so I don't play it much as I used to...I still go on, but it's kind of boring now since there's hardly anyone to play with, unless my friends are online.
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41 / M / Utah
Posted 6/18/13  Reply  Quote
Woah, hold on here, there's a grand chase thread?

I play NAGC. Level 70 something-ish Amy because Amy is awesome.
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16 / F / Polaris
Posted 12/23/13  Reply  Quote
NAGC here! :D

IGN: YaoiYaoi
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