Grand Chase
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Grand Chase


The Characters of Grand Chase ^.^

* 1st Job: Knight
* 2nd Job: Spearman
* 3rd Job: Sword Master
* 4th Job: Savior

[edit] Description

Age: 15

Favorite Activities: Intense Battles

Pet Peeve: Easy Battles

Elesis is a Kanavan Knight and daughter of a Kanavan Tracker who never returned after he was dispatched to find Kaze'aze. She is an exceptional swordsman who has been trained by her father since birth. While she is on a journey to find her father, she heard news about Kaze’aze in the Serdin Kingdom. Hiding her true identity, Elesis joins Grand Chase in hopes of finding her father.
[edit] Unlocking

Elesis is one of the three base characters, and does not need to be unlocked.
[edit] Quotes

* "Are you feeling scared yet?"
* "I'll show you the true meaning of fear!"
* "Know your place if you're going to attack."
* "Is that all ya got?"
* "Are you ready?"
* "You are no match for me."
* 1st Job: Archer
* 2nd Job: Crossbowman
* 3rd Job: Arch Ranger
* 4th Job: Nova

[edit] Description

Age: 15

Favorite Activity: Anything related to Spirits

Pet Peeve: Monsters (especially the ugly ones)

Elves from Eryuell Island are famous for their combat skills, but are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid becoming involved in human conflicts. However, in the recent years, the war of humans expanded across the entire continent and a series of bizarre incidents occured. The Elves decide to end their isolation and cooperate with the humans. Working together, the Elves and the humans discover that Kaze'aze is responsible for the havoc that is wrecking the continent. To return peace to Eryuell Island and the continent, the Elves decided to continue investigating Kaze'aze, and form the Elven Corps to combat her evil. Lire is a member of the Elven Corps that has joined Grand Chase on behalf of the Elves..
[edit] Unlocking

Lire is one of the three base characters, and does not need to be unlocked.
[edit] Quotes

* "Are you ready?"
* "You are so weak."
* "Oh, no, I won!"
* "It looks like you guys need more training."
* "I'd rather not get dirty, but I'll be your opponent."
* "I was going to take it easy, but oh well!"
* "Aw, it looks like I may win again."
* "It's getting dusty."

* 1st Job: Magician
* 2nd Job: Alchemist
* 3rd Job: Warlock
* 4th Job: Battle Mage

[edit] Description

Age: 15

Favorite Activity: Magical Research

Pet Peeve: Interference with her Magic Research

Arme is a cheerful Mage from Serdin, the Kingdom of Magic. She became a member of the Violet Magic Guild, the greatest guild of the Serdin Kingdom, at an early age. She has mastered both Black and White Magic, but her curiosity for magic is still insatiable. After learning about Kaze'aze’s powerful magic, Arme decided to join Grand Chase, hoping to encounter the Queen of Darkness.
[edit] Unlocking

Arme is one of the three base characters, and does not need to be unlocked.
[edit] Quotes

* "Hey, let's take it easy!"
* "Yahoo! Hahahaha, I won!"
* "The holy light will lead us."
* "Aren't I cute?"
* "Well, you can't take the heat."
* "It was dangerous. . . So dangerous."
* "Don't come crying to me later."
* "Is that all?"
* "This is the end of the line for you!"
* "Well, you don't match me."

* 1st Job: Spell Knight
* 2nd Job: Dragon Knight
* 3rd Job: Aegis Knight
* 4th Job: Abyss Knight

[edit] Description

Age: 19

Favorite Activity: Saving the Weak

Pet Peeve: Shadow Orb

Ronan is the descendant of the Erudon Family, the legendary family of Spell Knights in Kanavan. He was a Royal Guard Master whose duty was to protect the Royal Family of Kanavan. His mind was being controlled by Kaze’aze who invaded the kingdom, but he regained control when Grand Chase came to rescue and shattered the Shadow Orb. Ronan realized something wasn’t right when series of mysterious events took place; first the Invasion of Dark Anmon and then the discovery of passage to the New World took place. Seeing all that had happened, he decided to join the Grand Chase force and investigate more in the New World.
[edit] Unlocking

Ronan can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives. Unlike the other unlockable characters, Ronan's GP mission scroll must be purchased by a specific character level 15 or greater, and is a mission for that character, not a public mission.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-Out Ronan Mission (Requires level 15 or higher)

* Clear Gaikoz's Castle without dying
* Clear Forgotten City without using Natal Ring or Bonus
* Clear Forsaken Barrows without using Natal Ring or Bonus

6000 Cash Premium Ronan Mission (Requires level 15 or higher)

* Collect 1 Crystal

[edit] Quotes

* "For the glory of Kanavan!"
* "Are you asleep?"
* "This is your limit."
* "I'm not finished yet."
* "Why don't you just give up?"
* "That's boring."
* "You're a whole new kind of stupid!"
* "You don't have the conviction of a knight!"
* "You are at your limit!"
* "Do your best!"
* "Would you like to have a break?"
* "Okay! Let's begin!"
* "For Kanavan!"
* "This is my victory!"
* "Thanks, for a job well done."
* "I can fight again!"
* "Justice will never die!"
* "It's just a difference of level."
* "As a knight, you should not show your back!"
* "Justice will be on my side!"
* "Rest in peace."
* "I have the side of justice now!"
* "I'll put my all into it!"

[edit] Trivia

* For a period of time, Ronan was given a "new" taunt. It replaced the "This is your limit" taunt with "Will you be my personal hairstylist?" in which Ronan said it in a high, feminine voice. Some believe this taunt was supposedly for Amy.
* In the English server, Ronan is shown feeding a pet Gon a gem on the log-in screen.

* 1st Job: Thief
* 2nd Job: Assassin
* 3rd Job: Dark Assassin
* 4th Job: Striker

[edit] Description

Age: Unknown

Favorite Activity: Unknown

Pet Peeve: His Past

Lass’s mind and body was freed from Kaze'aze's possession after the Grand Chase vanquished Kaze'aze's evil from the world. Although he wasn’t in control of his actions, Lass still felt guilty when he realized that his body was used as Kaze'aze's vessel to devastate the continent and kill countless innocents. The members of the Grand Chase understood that Lass was determined to right his wrongs, and allowed him to join them on their journey to restore peace to the continent.
[edit] Unlocking

Lass can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-Out Lass Mission

* Clear Kaze'aze's Castle without using Natal Rings or Bonuses 5 times

9800 Cash Lass Mission(Cash)

* Collect a Crystal

[edit] Boss

Lass is the first boss in a part of a two-part boss battle in Kaze'aze's Castle. The Lass in Kaze'aze's Castle has attacks that are very similar to the Thief class. The match can be seen, in a way, as a PvP match; however, Final Strike cannot kill, and players nor the Kaze'aze-possessed Lass can't grab.
[edit] Quotes

* "Aren't you brave? Bring it, newbie."
* "You're one-hundred years too early to fight me."
* "You are no match for me."
* "Stay out of my way!"
* "C'mon, newbie!"
* "There's only victory for me."
* "Come on, baby."
* "Heheh, this is enough for warming up."
* "I didn't know you were that bad . . ."
* "My attacks are merciless. . ."

[edit] Trivia

* Lass had a pet puppy, whose name, interestingly enough, is Kaze'doggeh, where players had to complete missions to "find" the puppy who ran away.
* 1st Job: Druid
* 2nd Job: Sentinel
* 3rd Job: Viken
* 4th Job: Vanquisher

[edit] Description

Age: 15

Favorite Activity: Enjoying Mother Nature (tall trees, fresh air, and clean water).

Pet Peeve: Everything that destroys Nature

Ryan is a kind and cheerful forest Elf who loves helping others. He’ll do anything he can for nature lovers, and will play obnoxious pranks on those that threaten nature. Ever since he witnessed Kaze'aze destroy the Partusay Sea, Ryan has been driven by his rage against Kaze'aze.
[edit] Unlocking

Ryan can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-Out Ryan Mission

* Collect 30x Medal of Victory from PvP
* Collect 20x Pure Tree Trunk from Elizabeth from Marsh of Oblivion
* Collect 40x Partusay's Statue Fragment from monsters in Partusay's Sea

9800 Cash Ryan Mission(Cash)

* Collect a Gem

[edit] Quotes

* "I'll show you bravery!"
* "I'll show you the power of the Druid!"
* "Are you the one who is destroying the forest?"
* "You are kidding, right?"
* "Don't underestimate the power of the Druid!"
* "I miss the forest."
* "I must not fall!"
* "Let's begin!"
* "This is not the end!"
* "You are wasting my time."
* "Come on, is that the best you've got?"
* "Oh, are you ready for more?"
* "You call that skill?"
* "Boy,I miss the forest."

[edit] Trivia

* Ryan's Wolf and Nephlim transformations are the only ones for characters in the game that can be bought with GP (although certain color schemes for the Wolf skill are available by cash purchase ie: black w/yellow or white w/orange but can be found in dungeons as a drop at the end).
* 1st Job: Dancer
* 2nd Job: Muse
* 3rd Job: Siren
* 4th Job: Starlet

[edit] Description

Age: 14

Favorite Activity: Dancing

Pet Peeves: Traditional dance, being lead on

Prior to joining the Grand Chase, Amy was the dancer and oracle of Silver Land on the Xenia Continent. She left the deities she once served after the great war erupted between the gods. Since the gods were being controlled by a darker power, she joined forces with the opposition, the Silver Knights. With her lively character and charm and exceptional dancing, Amy shot to stardom virtually overnight, raising the morale of the Knights while helping them forget the fatigue of the battlefield, a source of repose for all. However, the Silver Knights were destroyed by the dark forces and those remaining were scattered, fighting a dangerous uphill battle in a bold effort to win the gods back from the darkness. When the Grand Chase freed Samsara from evil's grasps, Amy made the decision to fight evil with the Grand Chase.
[edit] Unlocking

Amy can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives. Amy's GP mission scroll is a public mission, in which one character can purchase the mission, and can then be completed by any other character as well. The cash scroll is also a public mission.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-out Amy Mission

* Defeat Octus in Xenia Border and get 5 Octus Fangs
* Defeat Lenasien in Xenia Border and get 5 Lenasien's Claws
* Defeat Vanessa in Temple of Cuatal and get 15 Fragments of Vanessa's Armor
* Defeat Samsara in Temple of Cuatal and get 15 of Samsara's Rings
* Play Through Either PVP Mode or Dungeon Mode (in which any dungeon can be played) and collect 50 pieces of Amy's Evidence.

9800 Cash Amy Mission(Cash)

* Collect 1 Gem

[edit] Quotes

* "Wow, you're so weak!"
* "Ooh, does it hurt? Does it?"
* "Hi, I'm Amy!"
* "You know I'm cute!"
* "Eh, just stay down."
* "A little love and maybe some affection!"
* "La lala lala la."
* "Did you just hit a girl?!"
* "One, two, three! Ding Ding Ding, get up!"
* "Next time, we'll be friends!"
* "I'll bet my popularity on it! It's show time!"
* "A fateful battle determined by the Gods!"
* "Amy's grand finale!"
* "I surrender!!"
* "You won't get away with this!"
* "I'm ready for my close-up!"
* "It's Amy's fan club!"
* "That right! You're about to be knocked out!"
* "You shouldn't be so rough with a cute girl!"'
* "Maybe next time, we'll be friends!"
* "Start the match!"
* "Every rose has it's thorn."
* 1st Job: Fighter
* 2nd Job: Shisa
* 3rd Job: Asura
* 4th Job: Emperor

[edit] Description

Age: 17

Likes: Martial Arts, Amy

Dislikes: Beans, Pimento, the Ascendant God

The 8th member of the Grand Chase, Jin is a melee-specialist from the Silver Land, and a member of the Silver Knights. He joined the Grand Chase to search for Luthor, the leader of the Silver Knights. After seeing Amy's dance, he became infatuated with her. Job-wise, Jin has four classes. The first is Fighter, where he uses his fists and feet to attack. Second is Shisa, using tonfa for close-range combat. The third, Asura, makes use of a bo staff, in which he can also get rid of it and fight with his fists, similar to his first class.And his fourth class is Emperor, in which Jin uses a weapon called a Vajra allowing him to use many physical and magical attacks. Also, he has a special ability that makes him stronger and changes his skills, called "Burning" in which it is charged by holding down the X key.
[edit] Unlocking

Jin can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Worn-Out Jin Mission

* Clear The Whispering Woods on Champion Mode once
* Clear Ruins of the Silver Knights on Champion Mode once
* Collect 5 Guardian Ent's Logs from the Whispering Woods on
* Collect 5 Black Fairy Queen's Magic Powders from the Ruins of the Silver Knights on

9800 Cash Jin Mission (Cash)

* Collect 1 Gem

[edit] Quotes

* "You really are troublesome."
* "Worthless."
* "Psh, fail ..."
* "How absurd!"
* "My name is Jin, it would best to remember it."
* "I'll give it my all!"
* "For this victory, I am truly grateful."
* "At least attempt to defend yourself."
* "I'll take it your silence is often taken for confusion."
* "This victory will be forever engraved in my heart."
* "It's OK. You haven't seen anything yet."
* "Burn! My warrior spirit!"
* "A warrior may choose peace. All others are condemned to it!"
* "Your temper will make a fool of you soon enough."
* "Hah, and you worked so hard, too."
* "Will you walk the path of asura?"
* "Too bad. Your path ends here."
* 1st Job: Gladiator
* 2nd Job: Warlord
* 3rd Job: Ares
* 4th Job: [[Unknown yet]]

Gender Male
Weapons Sword, Sword & Spear, Duo Swords
Original Job Gladiator
Age 600
Affiliations Grand Chase

[edit] Description

Age: Approximately 600 years old

Likes: Relaxation. Being pampered by his servants

Dislikes: Training, walking, and running

Sieghart is the 9th character of Grand Chase and is currently available on the Korean server as a starting character, and as an unlockable on the other servers.

Sieghart was the hero of Bermesiah 600 years ago, but he disappeared. During the time of Grand Chase, he reappears at Kanavan Castle, telling the people that the Highlander Gods saved him from death and gave him the gift of immortality. He joins Grand Chase to stop the Ascendant God from a planned invasion to Bermesiah.

He wields a long blade that looks like Elesis's but he uses a reverse-grip style. Despite his age he bears the same name as Elesis's grandfather. He makes an appearance in the Outer Wall of Serdin and tells Elesis he thinks they know each other. It was also said in the North American server's "Forsaken Barrows" dungeon, that he told Elesis (referred as the "little red one") not to dissapoint his ancestor. He is also related to Mari in some way as when she meets him, a memory flashed in her mind.

Sieghart has a "charge" bar similar to that of Jin , with several differences. Sieghart's bar fills over time, and also the more he is knocked down. When it at least two bars full, the player may activate it at any time by pressing X, sending Sieghart into Rage Mode, allowing him to hit harder (some claim his attacks are faster as well) and slightly altering his skills. (EX: As Gladiator, is 2 mp will end with a small, powerful explosion.) Like Jin's Rage mode, the gauge slowly drains until it is empty and stops draining for the duration of a skill when that specific skill is used. Unlike Jin's rage bar, however, the skills are only altered and strengthened when Rage Mode is activated in comparison to Jin's, where if one bar is filled when a skill is activated, the bar is used and the skill is strengthened. Sieghart is not granted any special attacks that he could not perform outside of his Rage Mode.
[edit] Unlocking

Sieghart can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives. It is a public mission.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
30000 GP Sieghart Mission(GP)

* Collect 3 Tridents from Partusay in Partusay's Sea on
* Collect 5 Kamiki's Magic Crystals in the Ellia Continent
* Collect 3 Basilisk's Hearts in the Temple of Fire
* Collect 15 Noble Signs of the Gladiator from winning in PvP

6000 Cash Sieghart Mission(CASH)

* Collect 1 Crystal

[edit] Quotes

* "Yeah, you should just go ahead and attack me if you have the courage."
* "You just signed your death warrant."
* "Too easy!"
* "Yep, yep, 'bout time for me to start."
* "Eat this!"
* "That's nothing."
* 1st Job: Wizard Engineer
* 2nd Job: [[Unknown yet]]
* 3rd Job: [[Unknown yet]]
* 4th Job: [[Unknown yet]]

Age: Unknown (But appears like 15 years old)

Likes: Reading, Satisfying her curiosity over everything

Dislikes: Being in solitude

Mari is the tenth and newest character in Grand Chase upon the release of Season 3, and is currently released on the Korean server. Not much is currently known about her, except that her first job uses a mix of magic and machinery, and wields a Technical Manual, which Mari uses to summon her magic and machinery to attack with, but it can be also used as a melee weapon by smashing it against her foes.

Mari, or her full name Mari Ming Onette, suffers from amnesia. Her hometown was destroyed and she was the sole survivor there. Due to Mari's amnesia, she cannot remember anything of her past, but it isn't a hindrance of her curiosity to both magic and mecha. She was first introduced at the Temple of Destruction, where she was studying something on the building. There, Mari met the Grand Chase. When she first saw Sieghart there, her mind flashed, showing that he could be related to her past. She joins Grand Chase in hopes of regaining her memories and to continue her curiosity in her studies.

She has heterochromia, where one eye is blue, similar to her hair color, and the other being red, and wears glasses.

Marin is new so she has no pictures on google yet....:P
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My view on Grand Chase

Okay, my first view on this game, annoying.

hehhee but im wrong. I totally love this game. It's a bit irritating that you start out with 3 preset characters . . . one bowman one mage and one warrior and 2 make it worse their all girls? Yeah, most gamers are guys and most guys prefer guy characters and lots are turned off after playing a bit of girly characters on swim suits.

Anyways after you get passed that this game is really amazing! This game is not really level based. Its more of Skill + stat based. and by skill i didnt mean special i mean player's skill. You can go through a dungeon with out getting damaged if your good enough. I always hated the games where potions are a must. I despise getting damaged even though im really high level. So i guess thats one reason i love this game.

The PVP is also really great. many laggers very few hackers but over all id give PVP a 4/5. It's really fun to show off your skills.

Some cons are the Cash items. The cash items on these game affects a character greatly. Also the characters are a bit unbalanced. for example, unless ur really good with a 1st job lass, you really be able to run amok on PVE or PVP with it. It takes lots of practice to get better. :P

they tried a bit on 3d graphics i wouldnt say its perfect but i can live with it. It's not that great but its not that bad either.

Story Line
As most MMORPG story lines arent really paid much attention to other than the origin of the characters... i doubt youd care too

Repetitive and not really that great. . .

There are dungeon modes, PVP, and square. dungeons you get to go on to multiple different dungeons using different strategy and team work to overcome. Really difficult but a must to level up fairly quick. PVP great way 2 pass time. Often included on lil side quests. and Square is just to chat. Community is kinda nice in this game so i enjoy just chatting it away with others. Definitely replayable