Grand Chase
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Grand Chase

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My view on Grand Chase

Okay, my first view on this game, annoying.

hehhee but im wrong. I totally love this game. It's a bit irritating that you start out with 3 preset characters . . . one bowman one mage and one warrior and 2 make it worse their all girls? Yeah, most gamers are guys and most guys prefer guy characters and lots are turned off after playing a bit of girly characters on swim suits.

Anyways after you get passed that this game is really amazing! This game is not really level based. Its more of Skill + stat based. and by skill i didnt mean special i mean player's skill. You can go through a dungeon with out getting damaged if your good enough. I always hated the games where potions are a must. I despise getting damaged even though im really high level. So i guess thats one reason i love this game.

The PVP is also really great. many laggers very few hackers but over all id give PVP a 4/5. It's really fun to show off your skills.

Some cons are the Cash items. The cash items on these game affects a character greatly. Also the characters are a bit unbalanced. for example, unless ur really good with a 1st job lass, you really be able to run amok on PVE or PVP with it. It takes lots of practice to get better. :P

they tried a bit on 3d graphics i wouldnt say its perfect but i can live with it. It's not that great but its not that bad either.

Story Line
As most MMORPG story lines arent really paid much attention to other than the origin of the characters... i doubt youd care too

Repetitive and not really that great. . .

There are dungeon modes, PVP, and square. dungeons you get to go on to multiple different dungeons using different strategy and team work to overcome. Really difficult but a must to level up fairly quick. PVP great way 2 pass time. Often included on lil side quests. and Square is just to chat. Community is kinda nice in this game so i enjoy just chatting it away with others. Definitely replayable