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Green Green
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2003
Air Date: Jul 12, 2003 to Sep 29, 2003
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
Page Views: 41826
Fans: 133
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Wall Posts: 235
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Green Green

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Kanenone Academy was an all-boys high school isolated from the world by mountains and hills. Yusuke Takasaki, the average 11th grader, led a normal life in the academy until the academy announced attempting for co-ed, and high-school girls were being transferred for the summer semester.
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Futaba Kutsuki (lead)Eriko Fujimaki
Midori Chitose (lead)Sara Nakayama
Yusuke Takasaki (lead)Ken Takeuchi
Chigusa IinoMariko Suzuki
Hikaru Ichiban-BoshiJin Domon
Reika MorimuraKana Ueda
Sanae Minami
Tadatomo IjuinKazunari Tanaka
Taizo TenjinKenji Hamada
Wakaba KutsukiYukiko Mannaka