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CrunchyRoll Library F.A.Q.

The purpose of this faq is to familiarize the CR users with what the CR Library is, how it works, what regulations it follows, and how you can contribute to it making it a more complete source of information on all your Asian culture interests!

What is the CR Library? -

The CR Library is CR's version of Wikipedia in it's own special format, and almost everything in the site is attached to the Library one way or another including any Anime or Drama series with video's. So what is this format? Well the Library is organized into a series of different Article types, each with it's own unique characters and functions. These articles become the backbone of the Library and contain all background information, videos, photo albums, fan listings, wall comments, and forums relating to each individual subject.

For convenience sake here is a link to the root menu of the CR Library. Any Drama or Anime series with video's can be found under it's applicable section. This page also contains the top 20 Library contributor list and a list of recently updated Library articles.

Following is a brief listing and description of the most common article types -

    Series: These articles are for any form of video program, be they Anime, Drama, Movie, OVA, etc. It is important to note that only a series type article has access to a Cast List.

    Person: This type of article is reserved for Actors, Actresses, Voice Actors, Musicians, and any type of Character. Characters can come from almost anything be it a video game, manga, anime, or drama. Feasibly you could have a character page for a K-Drama role while also having a separate page for that roles Actor. The Appearances sections is unique to this type of page. For a Person Article to receive credit for an appearance it must be entered into the Cast List of the relevant Series Articles.

    Collective (Group): This type of article is typically for music groups (such as boy bands or girl groups) or duos. The members and their positions can be added to the People section of the article.

    Game: Articles of this type are clearly reserved for either Video Game Franchises such as Final Fantasy, individual game releases such as Shadow of the Colossus, or MMO's like World of Warcraft. The Platform setting is unique to this page allowing users to give detailed information for each version of a game and what different systems it was released on and when. Also Game Articles are the only type that will allow user uploaded videos.

    Redirect Page: For many different reasons there are times when a page that is very similar to another pre-existing article is created. Typically these articles become Redirect Pages that then forward all traffic to the more relevant article. While a user will have no trouble with these pages they will still appear in searches of the Library and it is possible a page has been redirected incorrectly or needs to become a redirect article. If you do come across such a situation please inform a Library Moderator immediately.

How To -

Simply put, how do you edit an article? All that is needed to begin is a click on any of the edit links found in a Article. Typically you can find them in the top right corner of the “Overview” and “Extended Discussion” sections. This will take you to the Edit Article page where you can change almost anything regarding a Library page. It is worth mentioning that there is a preview function for both the Description and Extended Discussion sections that will allow you to see how the article will look when the edit is complete and this should be used every time before submitting the edit. Also note that there are formatting instructions for each editing option, such as how to separate alternate names and the proper date format to use. The only other user editable item to be found is the Poster image for each page, this can be edited by clicking on the mouse over link in the top right corner of the image. Tags (genre info) can not be edited by users, however if you find an articles current tags lacking a Library Moderator can make changes upon request and approval.

Regulations & Guidelines -

Everything has rules and the Library is no exception. Following is a list of all current guidelines for the CR Library, please be aware this is a work in progress and additions will be made over time.

    Do not edit the articles that have videos: These edit rights are reserved for the publishers and the moderators of that series. If you have noticed a problem or incorrect information regarding these articles, do not change them yourself. Instead, contact one of the library moderators by PM and we will look into it.

    Poster Images: When submitting a poster image for an article, make sure that the pictures are of high quality. Animated and or low quality images will be rejected. Unofficial images or "fanart" will not be accepted as well as any image that does not meet the CrunchyRoll content guidelines found here. When possible please leave copyright information in place on the image. As a basic rule of thumb DVD box art or promotional posters work well as Poster Images.

    Naming Policy: CrunchyRoll follows Western naming conventions. This means surnames or “family” names are placed after a persons given name. For example, Naruto Uzumaki is the correct standard for CR. Additionally, all names should be translated or coverted using the preferred method for that language. For Japanese names the standard translation style is Wapuro Romanization, for Chinese names it will be Hanyu Pinyin Romanization, and lastly Korean names are to follow the rules of Revised Romanization.

    Avatar Images: These are the images you see displayed next to an article on the search page. While they can not be directly edited by a user they can be modified by Library Moderators. These images must be screenshots or still frames taken from actual footage of a series. In the case of an actress or actor they should be promotional photos or a still frame from one of their roles in a series or movie. If you have a suggestion for a change to the avatar image of an article please contact a Library Moderator with the details via private message. Note that these images are subject to all of the same rules that effect Poster Images.

    Proper Format: The Overview section is only to be used for a brief discussion of the article in question, such as a synopsis of the basic plot of a series or movie. It should be limited to two to three paragraphs in length at most. The Overview is not for long narratives, minute personal details, production info, alternate names, or anything else. The Extended Discussion section is where all extraneous information should go. Examples would be episode names, a musicians TV commercial endorsements, details on a movies themes or meaning, character relationships, an Actresses astrological sign, etc etc. Different sections of the extended info should be separated by headers, but headers should never be used for any other reason. Cast listings, air dates, country of origin, alternate names, episode count, gender, birthday, first and last name, and group founding dates all have their own sections in each relevant article. Information pertaining to those aforementioned topics should not be placed outside of those sections. If you should find articles that do not follow this format please inform a Library Moderator with a detailed explanation of the issue and any necessary links.

    Editing Guidelines: All text should be in clear concise English and remain in a standard legible format. Typing in all colors or "rainbow" text, all CAPS, italics, header, bold, as well as CaMeL cAsE is strictly forbidden for any text and if you do the edit will be rejected. Avoid using any emoticons, images (especially animated gifs), or incorrect grammar and spelling. Double check your sources before making an edit and always cite any source you used for an edit with a link to that document, especially if you copied text directly from it. However, we would like the CR Library to have a more unique feel to separate it from other sites or wiki's and would prefer that you write edits in your own words instead of simply copying a source. When you are making multiple edits to the same document try to make as many edits at one time as possible as well as waiting for your first edit to be approved or rejected before editing again. Please try to avoid giving plot spoilers or long overly detailed descriptions of a story. Do not include your personal feelings, opinion, information, or mark an article as a "pick" in an edit. Edits should not include links or information about related CR Groups, fansites, or Fansub groups. Lastly your submissions should under no circumstances link, discuss, or suggest sites to use for online streaming or downloading of any content.

    Cast Listings: Cast lists follow some basic rules. Any main character should have a check mark by their role in the leading cast box. Remember that a main character is one who is central to the plot, not a character that is simply connected to a lead. Tsuna from Reborn! for example is a main character, but his mother is not. If you do not know the name of the actor or voice actor portraying a role then that character should be left out completely and remain unlisted. Side characters who play minor or short roles should not be included at all. Lastly at this time we would prefer if you only list a series original cast. Original cast means, in a nutshell, if an Anime for example is released in America with a dub you would list the original Japanese voice actors but not the English versions voice actors. This may change at a later time but please bear with this decision for now.

    BB Code: For those who need help with the proper formatting of the Library's code there is an article discussing it in depth here. Another helpful user created walk-through can be found here.

    Feedback: If you have had an edit rejected and feel this was done incorrectly, and cannot find your answer in this faq, contact a Library Moderator directly through PM explaining the issue. Try to include links to articles, as well as copies of your edit when possible. Please understand that there are many aspects to the Library users do not see and sometimes edits have to be rejected for reasons beyond user or mod control. No matter what happens do not contact a mod in an irate or angry fashion with flaming and insults. It is almost guaranteed to insure you will go unheard on your issue and it will not be tolerated.

    Disclaimer: All edits and entries you submit to the CR Library become the express property of CrunchyRoll and it's users. You may not take any credit for any edits you make or leave any form of “mark” on the Library articles claiming them as your own. Any submissions that attempt to do so will be rejected.

Current List of Library Moderators -
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Message from the Mods -

"We would love to hear back from you on your opinion of the CR Library along with any suggestions, feedback, or questions you may have so feel free to contact us at any time. The Library Moderator team is very excited to have a chance to help improve this site, and with your help the CR Library will become the best it can be. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and thank you again for your future assistance with the CR Library!"

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