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Gundam SEED Supernova - Tanekyara Gekijo
Episodes: 4
Type: Series
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Gundam SEED Supernova - Tanekyara Gekijo

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Tanekyara Gekijo is translated into "SEED Character Theater". It is drawn in the SEED Club style instead of the offical style. The "storyline" is revolved around Yzak's jealousy of Athrun.

Tomokazu Seki - Yzak Joule
Akira Sasanuma - Dearka Elsman
Akira Ishida - Athrun Zala
Souichiro Hoshi - Kira Yamato
Rie Tanaka - Lacus Clyne
Naomi Shindoh - Cagalli Yula Athha
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Athrun Zala (lead)
Cagalli Yula Athha (lead)
Kira Yamato (lead)Souichirou Hoshi
Lacus Clyne (lead)Rie Tanaka
Lunamaria Hawke (lead)