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Hack Gift
Year Produced: 2003
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
Page Views: 15435
Fans: 45
Forum Posts: 0
Wall Posts: 79
Photos Uploaded: 2

Hack Gift

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Helba has created the Twilight Hot Springs for our heroes from the .hack game series and the .hack//SIGN series. Now the characters race to see who finds it first, and to solve some mysterious player-killings.
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Blackrose (lead)Masumi Asano
Kite (lead)Saiyaka Aida
Subaru (lead)Kaori Nazuka
Tsukasa (lead)Mitsuki Saiga
BT (person)Akiko Hiramatsu
CrimShinichiro Miki
Mia (person)Minami Takayama
SoraHiroshi Yanaka