Hakufu Sonsaku
Last Name: Sonsaku
First Name: Hakufu
Sun Ce
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Hakufu Sonsaku

The following is a list of Ikki Tousen characters. Characters are listed by the school they are affiliated with and the character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms on which they are based.

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Extended Information

Her anime version is superficially similar but otherwise very different from her manga counterpart. In the manga, Hakufu is a low ranked but extremely skilled fighter, while in the anime, Hakufu is both a low ranked and low skilled fighter. She has demonstrated none of her unique fighting gifts or chi powers and is arguably stupider. It takes her longer to figure out that people are trying to take advantage of her, is more prone to doing dumber things, and either doesn't mind or is unaware of people harassing or hitting on her. She demonstrates none of her momentary wisdom either. She relies heavily on her dragon or her personal skill alone. Even when possessed by her dragon, she is easily stopped by main characters she fights before any damage can be dealt, as opposed to her manga self which is extremely difficult to stop and required the aid of artifacts. Kanu, Saji, Ryofu and Ukitsu were able to stop her without any help. She also doesn't inherit Master Choushou's chi magic (who does not exist in the anime); instead this scene is replaced with training with Ukitsu's master Choukou. She is possessed by Toutaku at the end of the first season but is saved by her dragon who devours him.

Hakufu's role in Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny is relegated to that of a minor character to allow other characters to have more show time. She only became a major character in the last few episodes, when the Battle of Chibi nears. She is still oblivious at how important a toushi's destiny is, especially her own. However, in this sequel her character wasn't portrayed to be as idiotic as the first season. She is actually more of a ditzy character than an idiot. Upset at being the cause for much of the violence in Kanto, she travelled to Kyosho to challenge Sousou to a duel in order to end the conflict. She had to take on Kanu instead, who took Sousou's place. During the fight Hakufu became possessed by her dragon. Sousou appeared while in full control of his own dragon and dealt a powerful blow that sent Hakufu flying out of the area, leaving all three schools to think she was killed. Her unconscious body was discovered in a lake by Hakugen, who brings her to Choukou. He performed a revival on Hakufu's but was only able to wake her dragon. Ukitsu gave her life in order to revive Hakufu's soul. Hakufu thus recovered and gained complete control of her dragon. She returned at the Battle of Chibi to fight Sousou, where she and Ryubi teamed up and defeated Sousou. At the end of the series Hakufu and Ryomou now work for a cosplay cafe, dressed as cat maids. She hopes to use the money to go on a 'battle tour' around the world.