Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2000
Episodes: 296
Type: Series
Page Views: 70145
Fans: 534
Forum Posts: 82
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とっとこハム太郎 (Japanese)
Age rating: All Ages (Nothing objectionable)

5th-grader Laura Haruna owns a hamster, and his name is Hamtaro. After moving into a new town, Hamtaro finds that he's in the company of lots of different hamsters, making up a group of hamster friends that go on crazy adventures through the city. Before they save Laura and other humans from nasty predicaments, however, they have to learn how to save themselves.
Extended Information

Laura, her parents,their dog named Brandy, and her pet hamster named Hamtaro move to a new city. When Laura and her family get settled in Hamtaro explored a bit when Laura was out of the room. Hamtaro got out of his cage and went outside he then finds a hamster named Oxnars which belonged to Laura's best friend named Kana. Oxnard and Hamtaro fall underground and meet a hamster named boss. They find out that the tunnels underground is Boss' house. Boss is in love with Bijou and so they sing a song for her. Hamtaro and Oxnard meet other hamsters like Sandy, Cappy,Panda, Dexter, Snoozer, Howdy, Penelope, Pashmina, and Maxwell. Hmtaro and his Ham - Ham friends clean Boss' house and turned it into a clubhouse for all hamsters. They get into all kinds of trouble and on wild adventures in the city.
Boss (lead)Kentarou Itou
Hamtaro (lead)Kurumi Mamiya
Laura Haruna (lead)Haruna Ikezawa