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Han Geng

Gender: Male
Hometown: Mudanjiang
Country of Origin: China
Birthday: Feb 9, 1984
Member of:
Super Junior: Vocalist
Type: Person
Page Views: 5987
Fans: 118
Forum Posts: 0
Wall Posts: 5
Photos Uploaded: 27




Hey Hangeng you're so fine you blow my mind hey Hangeng gah you really make my heart melt and make my face blush everytime i see you dance and everytime i see you sing on stage! I am so really obsessed with you my babe! I am so really crazy about you babe! I am so really addicted with you babe! I love you babe and i am never gonna stop! Life couldn't get better for us babe!
I can't really believe that me and my hubby Hankyung of Super Junior does have the same birthday, same bloodtype, and same zodiac sign! I was really shocked to know that we have the same birthday, same bloodtype, and same zodiac sign! I screamed and shouted when i found out about that though! I really love you so very much! I really miss you so very much! Please comeback soon babe hahaha!!
You are my angel babe whisper softly! I love you each and everyday of my whole life babe! I really dream of you at night whenever i sleep! I can't really let you go babe because for me you are really the one! So please love me as i really love you everyday babe! You are my lucky charm! You are always in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul! I want to spend the rest of my life with you babe!
you are the one that i've been searching for my whole life through, you are the one that i've been looking for and now that i have found you, i'll never let you go, i'll hold you in my arms You are the one babe promise you are really the one for me! NUHL SARANGHAE BABE! LOLZ!