Haunting Ground
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Haunting Ground

Who is your fave. character?
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Posted 9/12/08, Edited 9/12/08  Reply  Quote
My personal favorite is Daniella. She's the best villian in this game. Most of the pics that I find from this game are mainly hers.
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24 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/27/08  Reply  Quote
yup me to.i love her
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26 / F
Posted 12/30/08  Reply  Quote
I love Hewie. Even if he likes to lie down in the middle of the hallway, he allways finds you when seperated, protects you, and warns you of danger. He calms my nerves a lot. And he's so cute!!! ^-^
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Posted 4/24/09  Reply  Quote
Mine would also be Daniella. She has a storyline behind her, depicting her as a demure maid-homunculus gone crazy because of her Mandragoras garden. Plus, I love the way she's so bipolar and I think that her voice actress is pretty convincing! Another thing that sets her apart from the *other* pursuers would be her cunning way of trapping you in a room with her (by closing the door) and her mastery of the castle's many hiding spots. It's pretty amusing to watch her scream at her own reflection, too.
P.S. She looks so much better in blue!
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29 / F / シャドーモセス島
Posted 5/19/09  Reply  Quote
Hewie. Though, I love the dog, his name's got to go now. >> Thanks to Fiona's "HEWIE!," I'm so sick and tired of it. xD
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23 / O / United Kingdom
Posted 12/17/10  Reply  Quote
i love Fiona,Hewie and Daniella and Riccardo because of the way he runs XD
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