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Haunting Ground
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Haunting Ground

  • 29 days ago
    wtf happned to the videos? bullshit
  • 4/24/09
    This game got me hooked on horror survival games. I admit that I died numerous times trying to kill Debilitas when he first appeared until I realised that I had to hide. Anyway, it's a pleasant break from those 'kill generic monsters' games
  • 11/17/08
    Fiona's jugs bounce too much -.-" ... it's cluttering up screen space.
  • 8/15/08
    this is a good game all though i havent completed it yet, apparently theres something you need to get of ricardo some how but i cant if you can help please let me know!!! daniella is creepy but u cant blame her 4 being that way lol
  • 8/2/08
    ;_; this game scares meee... I mean I've just played... 5 minutes ... then I screamed... and now i'm here xD
  • 7/21/08
    i love daniella!!!!!!
  • 6/21/08
    Daniella is crazy and creepy
  • 5/13/08
    This is probably my favourite game, and it's all the thanks to the fact that it's what got me into the horror genre. After this game nothing scared me O.O
  • 4/7/08
    Daniella is crazy!
  • 4/2/08
    very nice!!!!!!
  • 3/31/08
    I love this game. : D I really need to fully beat it again and unlock some of the other cutscenes. DDDD: It's such a fun game though~ <3333333333
  • 3/19/08
    i kinda don't get this game... is this good stuff??
  • 3/16/08
    I like this game even tho its a scary game, I've just never been able to get very far in it cause I can't get the dog to do what I want. T.T
  • 3/15/08
    love watching this! i think i'll never get the courage to actually buy this game though.. looks fun, but... yeah.. i think i'll get a heart attack if i actually play it!
  • 3/11/08
    wow.. i think it is a very wonderful game.. hahah. wish this is available here in the philippines.. is it available here?
  • 3/8/08
    tis game freak me out!!!quite fun after used to it
  • 3/7/08
    this game freaks me out specially when that big fat retard comes out,I love her wolf though =)