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Haunting Ground
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Haunting Ground

  • FlyinDumpling
    wtf happned to the videos? bullshit
  • wasabi94
    This game got me hooked on horror survival games. I admit that I died numerous times trying to kill Debilitas when he first appeared until I realised that I had to hide. Anyway, it's a pleasant break from those 'kill generic monsters' games
  • xRae
    Fiona's jugs bounce too much -.-" ... it's cluttering up screen space.
  • seniia
    this is a good game all though i havent completed it yet, apparently theres something you need to get of ricardo some how but i cant if you can help please let me know!!! daniella is creepy but u cant blame her 4 being that way lol
  • identitymarsh
    ;_; this game scares meee... I mean I've just played... 5 minutes ... then I screamed... and now i'm here xD
  • Pelnaire
    i love daniella!!!!!!
  • wwe
    Daniella is crazy and creepy
  • HizuHizu
    This is probably my favourite game, and it's all the thanks to the fact that it's what got me into the horror genre. After this game nothing scared me O.O
  • arizuki
    Daniella is crazy!
  • mikeloverainie
    very nice!!!!!!
  • sahkoo
    I love this game. : D I really need to fully beat it again and unlock some of the other cutscenes. DDDD: It's such a fun game though~ <3333333333
  • mikedova
    i kinda don't get this game... is this good stuff??
  • Fahro
    I like this game even tho its a scary game, I've just never been able to get very far in it cause I can't get the dog to do what I want. T.T
  • _xx65xxloVE_
    love watching this! i think i'll never get the courage to actually buy this game though.. looks fun, but... yeah.. i think i'll get a heart attack if i actually play it!
  • yaj_r
    wow.. i think it is a very wonderful game.. hahah. wish this is available here in the philippines.. is it available here?
  • klnv000
    tis game freak me out!!!quite fun after used to it
  • Fitz_666
    this game freaks me out specially when that big fat retard comes out,I love her wolf though =)