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Hayate no Gotoku !
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Hayate no Gotoku !


HAYATE NO GOTOKU!¬ (Hayate the combat butler!) ^^

I would reccomend this anime to anyone who likes Random and funny things! ^^ -I am one of those people! ~~ Hayate was an average teenager who was left in debt by his mum and dad-they left him. That meant some bad guys were after Hayate then :/ One night Hayate met Nagi,A rich girl and the owner of the sanzein family mansion. Nagi lived there with her maid, and the manager and Tiger. XD Hayate thought about kidnapping Nagi, but then found someone had beat him to it. He then had to save nagi. Afterwards he ended up in the Sanzein mansion. Nagi wanted Hayate to be her Butler,and so he was. He made a good butler ashe protected Nagi when she was in trouble! The storyline is random and funny,which is why i like it. the characters are Strange and Amusing!! ^^ (I would tell you more, but then that would be spoiling it!)
^^ >.<