Heart no Kuni no Alice
Alternative Names:

Wonderful Wonder World

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Started Nov 1, 2008
Type: Series
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Heart no Kuni no Alice

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a game with 2 seasons made by quinrose:
heart no kuni no alice,
clover no kuni no alice
joker no kuni no alice

its not like the novel "alice in wonderland" but then with
a lot of romance and the characters are humans.
its also a manga you can read on mangafox
and there are rumors of an ova being made of the game...

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Extended Information

Heart no kuni no Alice Summary/Plot:

Alice is realistic, especially about love. One day, she is taken to the world of heart, which is full of danger. For example, an owner of a hat shop is a gangster, and every theme park worker carries a gun. Almost all of the people are dangerous. But she somehow starts to enjoy her life there after she is forced to take a drug not to be able to come back to the original world. How is she going to come back? And is she going to fall in love with someone?

From:Himeya Shop

Clover no Kuni no Alice Summary/Plot:

This is a sequel to Heart no Kuni no Alice -Wonderful Wonder World - The main character didn't fall in love with anyone, and remained to the wonder world. All the characters appeared in the previous title are already her friends. She knows them well, so it's kinda hard to fall in love with them. There are more exciting battle elements and more fantastic elements included. Will she be able to fall in love with someone in the world full of wonders...?

From:Himeya Shop
Hirakawa Daisuke
Alice (lead)Rie Kugimiya
Blood Dupre (lead)
Nightmare (lead)Sugita Tomokazu
Pierce (lead)Hoshi Souichiro
Fukuyama Jun
Tweedle Dum (lead)Fukuyama Jun