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Name: Hey! Say! JUMP
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Founded: 2007-09-24
Vocalist: Arioka Daiki
Vocalist: Chinen Yuri
Vocalist: Inoo Kei
Vocalist: Morimoto Ryutaru
Vocalist: Nakajima Yuto
Vocalist: Okamoto Keito
Vocalist: Takaki Yuya
Vocalist: Yabu Kota
Vocalist: Yamada Ryosuke
Vocalist: Yaotome Hikaru
Type: Collective
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Hey Say JUMP

Yamada's solo release
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Posted 12/10/12, Edited 12/10/12  Reply  Quote
In January Yamada Ryosuke will be releasing his solo single, Mystery Virgin, what does everyone think about this?

I'm excited as it will have two of his previous solo songs on the single and I like the song. I also think he is not the kind of person that would care to go solo unlike a couple of other members of other Johnny's groups.
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