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Hey Say JUMP
Name: Hey! Say! JUMP
Country of Origin: Japan
Founded: 2007-09-24
Vocalist: Arioka Daiki
Vocalist: Chinen Yuri
Vocalist: Inoo Kei
Vocalist: Morimoto Ryutaru
Vocalist: Nakajima Yuto
Vocalist: Okamoto Keito
Vocalist: Takaki Yuya
Vocalist: Yabu Kota
Vocalist: Yamada Ryosuke
Vocalist: Yaotome Hikaru
Type: Collective
Page Views: 291744
Fans: 2259
Forum Posts: 1301
Wall Posts: 1275
Photos Uploaded: 670

Hey Say JUMP

  • 6/7/11
    i think they released a new song called over..looking forward to watch ..
  • 11/7/10
    Hey!Say!JUMP will be releasing a new single called "Arigatou~Seikai no Doko ni Itemo~ on 15th December XD HAPPY~~~~ <3
  • 11/6/10
    KONNICHIWA! I’ll be accepting pre-orders for Hey! Say! JUMP’s sixth single, "Arigatou" - Sekai no Doko ni Itemo. Filipino buyers only. Please send me an email at mikamazing@yc if you're interested. Thank you!
  • 8/23/10
    I love JUMP. YAAAAAAyyyyyyyy!!! <3 Hey!Say!JUMP ga daisuki :*
  • 6/4/10
    heeyy~ Hey! Say! JUMP 1st Album, called JUMP no.1 >< i can't wait for their first album, ahh~
  • 4/9/10
    BEST sing their new song, "SCORE"... ahh, they absolutely cool!! >.<
  • 1/26/10
    Hey! Say! JUMP「瞳のスクリーン」on Feb 24 XD can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  • 1/19/10
    ps: they're so cuteeeee <3
  • 1/19/10
    omg i used to watch hey! say! JUMP. thn i end up not cuz i duno whr to find it. haha now i can
  • 1/13/10
    yes~ but... i heard that they will launching a new single.... the title is hitomi no sutori... right??
  • 1/4/10
    THEYVE GOT A NEW SONG OUT!!! FINALLY- Romeo and Juliet: Hey! Say! JUMP
  • 11/27/09
    just to let u guys kno i havn't finish uploading all the new photos... i still hav 43 more photos to uplaod...
  • 11/27/09
    ppl~~~~ Hey! Say! JUMP's First Official Photo book was out on November 21st. I've uploaded the photos but if you can, support Hey! Say! JUMP by buying the actual photo book! =]
  • 8/28/09
    yh i kno tt video~ wat do u wanna kno? (sry i didn't do as u wish to PM u = =+
  • 8/26/09
    Hey. Can someone PM me if they know this video I'm talking about: I watched a video called Takaki Yuya and Friends or something, and it was Takaki Yuya and one of the boys from B.A.D singing.
  • 8/15/09
    HUWWWAAAAA.... I really love Hey! Say! JUMP...... I wanna cry that HSJ already have more than 1,000 fans!!1 HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU.....
  • 8/3/09
    wahh just finish uplaodin all those photos = =+ so tired.. if only the internet was faster then i'll be able to finish this earlier.. well check those out^^ n hope u'al like it^^
  • 8/2/09
    guys i've uploaded some photos~~~~ check them out if u like^^ due to the place i'm livin... the internet here isn't that fast... but i'll try my best to upload all new photos i've got^^ it's kinda late here now... so gnight^^
  • 8/1/09
    And of course the song was awesome and so romantic~ so quickly go and listen now~!!!! XD