Hey Say JUMP
Name: Hey! Say! JUMP
Country of Origin: Japan
Founded: 2007-09-24
Vocalist: Arioka Daiki
Vocalist: Chinen Yuri
Vocalist: Inoo Kei
Vocalist: Morimoto Ryutaru
Vocalist: Nakajima Yuto
Vocalist: Okamoto Keito
Vocalist: Takaki Yuya
Vocalist: Yabu Kota
Vocalist: Yamada Ryosuke
Vocalist: Yaotome Hikaru
Type: Collective
Page Views: 574306
Fans: 2258
Forum Posts: 1301
Wall Posts: 1275
Photos Uploaded: 670

Hey Say JUMP

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hey! say! jump review

Hey!Say!JUMP is a 10 member group. The group has 2 sub-groups, namely; Hey!Say!BEST and Hey! Say! 7. The members of Hey!Say!BEST are: Yabu Kota(January 30, 1990), Takaki Yuya(March 26, 1990), Inoo Kei(June 22, 1990),Hikaru Yaotome(December 2, 1990), Arioka Daiki(April 15, 1991) and the members of Hey!Say!7 are: Keito Okamoto(April 1, 1993), Ryosuke Yamada(May 9, 1993) , Nakajima Yuto(August 8, 1993), Chinen Yuuri(November 30,1993) and Ryutaro Morimoto(April 6,1995). Hey! Say! means that the memebers were born in the heisei period and JUMP means Johnny's Ultra Music Power.
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『 Hey Say JUMP - The Best』♡ ✌(。>‿‿◕。)

Hey Say JUMP was an awesome J-pop group under Johnny & Associates. As everyone know that Hey Say JUMP are made by ten members. And 5 of the members was from Hey Say 7 and another 5 members was from Hey Say Best. And of course all of them are still a student.

If I not mistaken that they are all study at Hirokoshi High School, I guess. Anyway I very admired them since they all had already become a singer or artist during their age as a student. And speak the truth, they look like an adult when they sing on the stage so that was a part of the reason why I admired them. And the second reason is their songs. Their songs was so cheerful which can you jump cheerfully and jump high to the sky. So the name Hey Say JUMP was suit them very well.

Between Hey Say JUMP had less solo songs but for me, I more love the songs which they sang together because this shows their friendship and teamwork are really close and I really like that kind of feeling.

And mostly I think Hey Say JUMP really do their job. As a true singer, their job was to sing but they not only sing for nothing. They sing for the sake of protecting everyone smile and hapiness and free them from the darkness. And so Hey Say JUMP did. They all are really a true singer and all the members in Hey Say JUMP was always hyper and that was a good thing for it.

So for the people haven't listen to Hey Say JUMP's songs. I encourage you all to listen it~ their songs was awesome! Believe me~!!!
So quickly go and listen now and you will know the feeling that we had when we listen to their songs.
Between Hey Say JUMP new song are going to debuted. The new song is "Endless Dream" and it is very nice~ ^^

Anyway I will support Hey Say JUMP so do your best ne Hey Say JUMP! We be cheering for you! ✌(。>‿‿◕。)
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yayy! HSJ!.. awesomeness~

i would say totally cool.
they're so great in dancing & singing!
ive just watched some of their vids and they really freaked me out.
all of them are super cute & handsome.
i also love their song mayonaka no shadow boy ..
and its MV was super cool! ..
specially when its yuto-kun's turn to say "shadow".
mm, but well ..all of their songs rock~
their concert in dome was also super amazing. yayy!! :D
love HSJ! <3

Hey Say Jump :) lalalala~

well, this is my fave japanese boyband :)
hmm, about 3 month ago i like this boyband lol
my face song is... School kakumei and star time! Enjoy HSJ song guys!
don't worry be happy hahahaha, i hope u like HSJ too U WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!