Hibari Kyoya
Last Name: Hibari
First Name: Kyoya
Gender: Male
Hometown: Namimori
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Hibari Kyoya

Kyoya is the leader of Namimori’s Discipline Committee as well as the top of the school’s delinquents. He became interested in Reborn after seeing his abilities. One thing he cannot tolerate is the crowd of weaklings, and he often beats them with his tonfa.
Extended Information

Date of birth May 5
Nationality Japanese
School Namimori High
Grade 2nd year (chapters 16 - 44)
3rd year (chapters 45 - )
Affiliation Disciplinary Committee
The Foundation
Vongola Ring Ring of Cloud

Height: 169(cm)

Weapons and abilities

According to Futa's ranking list of the strongest students of Namimori High, Hibari is the number one strongest student in his school, a fierce and well trained fighter who has an almost insatiable bloodlust for a worthy opponent. As his main weapon, he uses a pair of tonfa. Hibari's tonfa have also been shown to have hidden compartments containing other weapons. In the future, he has a box weapon which contains another pair of tonfa which emit Dying Will Flames.

In the future, Hibari has become adept at using rings. His flame has become so intense that even without the Cloud Vongola ring, he is capable of great feats of strength. However, he shatters normal rings when he uses them. The younger Hibari is also capable of emitting a massive Dying Will flame with the Vongola Ring, though he had only recently arrived in the future. This was said to emerge when Hibari was feeling angry with others for disrupting him. It is revealed that Dino taught him how to emit the flames. Hibari has been shown to have more knowledge than most concerning the boxes and uses them at a high proficiency. It is also noted that Hibari has Mist flames as well as Cloud flames, though he can't create as powerful illusions as Mukuro.

* Hedgehog - When used, a hedgehog is shot towards the target. Due to the Cloud's ability, propagation, the hedgehog can become bigger when it takes in Dying Will Flames.

* Needle Sphere Form - His hedgehog forms a huge airtight sphere that encloses his target. The target is then suffocated.

* Needle Sphere Form, Reversed - He creates a big airtight space with a limited air supply where only people are allowed inside, it is used to bring about a physical fight.