Hidamari Sketch
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 14
Type: Series
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Hidamari Sketch

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Yuko is now going to arts school instead of high school, living for the first time away from home in the "Hidamari" apartments. She meets other students there, upperclassmen Hiro and Sae, and classmate Miyako. While she learns to accept their eccentricities and makes good friends, she is finally walking toward her dream of being an artist.
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Hiro (lead)Yuko Goto
Miyako (lead)Kaori Mizuhashi
Sae (lead)Ryoko Shintani
Yuno (lead)Kana Asumi
ChikaRie Kugimiya
Mrs LandladyMiyuki Sawashiro
NatsumeMisato Fukuen
principalYuuichi Nagashima
Ume (person)Ume Aoki
YoshinoyaMiyu Matsuki