Hideki Ogihara
秀樹 荻原
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Hideki Ogihara

Itsuki Midoriba (緑葉樹, Midoriba Itsuki?) is a character in Navel's Shuffle! media franchise. He appears as a secondary character in all three visual novels. He plays the role of the smart-mouthed but dumb-headed comic relief in the franchise, even though it is noted several times that he in terms of schoolwork and such is a fair bit higher than average.

Itsuki Midoriba is Rin's friend and classmate. Being the Don Juan of the class, he is envious of the girls' attraction to Rin and often mentions that he will take care of the girls that he doesn't choose. Because of his way of selecting girls by their appearance alone (usually their bust), he often ends up being beaten up by Mayumi. Rin once almost (comically) beat him to death for accusing him of being a "LoliPedo~Fin",(Combination of Lolicon and Pedophile), after Itsuki saw Primula cling affectionately onto him.

Following the theme of characters from Shuffle! being named with allusions to plants, itsuki (樹) means "tree" and midoriba (緑葉) means "green leaves".

Itsuki is voiced by Hideki Ogihara and was designed by Hiro Suzuhira. He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn in the English version of the anime.

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