Hige (Wolfs Rain)
First Name: Hige
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Hige (Wolfs Rain)

Hige (ヒゲ(髯) ?, lit. "Whisker") seems to know how to function the best in human society. He tends to use his intuition more than the others, but only when he is not thinking with his stomach instead. Hige is something of a womanizer and is always on the look-out for a female companion. He starts off as a laid back joker, though he matures as the series goes on. His scenting ability seems to be the best of the pack. Before Hige met Kiba, he was brainwashed into being Jagara's lapdog by hunting and leading troops to wolves. The collar that he wears is actually a tag/transmitter that allows him to wander through Jagara's city and is always under surveillance. It also appears to be the thing that controlled him or reprogrammed his memories, as he was trapped in an endless migraine before it was shot off by a soldier. At least 22 other wolves were collared in this way (a soldier inspecting his collar refers to him as "Number 23"); many, if not all, of the others were killed after returning to Jagara's city. He holds a very close relationship with Blue. At the end he is fatally wounded by Darcia. While dying he convinces Tsume to put him out of his misery. He tells Tsume, "I'll see you in paradise." After Earth's regeneration, Hige is seen at a city in his human form.

Voiced by: Akio Suyama (Japanese), Joshua Seth (English)

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Voice actor Akio Suyama notes that Hige is a humorous character whose actions and lines often break the tension in an otherwise serious series. This made it fun for him to play the character.